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Spring Is In The Air, And So Is Auto Repair!


Since spring is upon us, you might take a moment to consider, is your vehicle ready for the new season change? Every vehicle is unique with its own specific needs and maintenance, but most vehicles will require routine maintenance in order to ensure proper function for years to come. To prepare your vehicle for spring follow this guide to ensure your vehicle looks good, and functions as it should. Wash Your Car and Detail It Road grime can be damaging to your vehicle’s paint and parts, which may reduce the resale value. The extreme temperatures and the constant grime make it […]

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Auto Repair Tempe: Finding the Best Mechanic


No matter how well you take care of your car, everyone is going to have to take their vehicle to the mechanic at some point. There are probably a few different mechanics in your area. Which one do you take your car to? (We certainly appreciate it when you choose Elite Auto Repair!) There are a few things you need to find out about a mechanic before entrusting him with your vehicle. Remember, your car is the most likely the second-most expensive thing you own–the only thing most people have that cost more is their home. Don’t let a second-rate […]

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New 2016 Ford Super Duty F650/F750

Time to put the “Super” in Super Duty! When really big jobs need to be accomplished, Ford offers its biggest machines, the F-650 and F-750 Super Duty trucks. Classified as medium duty trucks they’re back for 2016. 2016 Super Specs: Gas Engine: V10 320Hp 460 1b-ft Diesel Engine: 6.7 Power Stroke options 270Hp/675 lb-ft 300Hp/700 lb-ft 330Hp/725 lb-ft Cabs: Regular/SuperCab/CrewCab Wheelbase from 158inch to 281inches Get full specifications from Ford by clicking here Let’s see what’s new in the following video! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Racing Legend Denise McCluggages Chooses Her Dream Car: An Old Suzuki?


In a feature column in the Wall Street Journal racing pioneer Denise McCluggage relates, “Of all the automobiles I’ve owned over my lifetime, I never imagined that for 20 years I would live with a car like the Suzuki Sidekick, or that I would love it so much.” Throughout the years McCluggage has owned an Alfa Romeo, a Porsche, a Jaguar, an MG, and a Ferrari. Oh yes, and a Suzuki Sidekick. She bought the Sidekick in 1993 because she likes four-wheel drive and it’s mountainous and snowy where she resides in new Mexico. McCluggage concludes, “I like small cars […]

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Fuel Injector Operation Demystified


Most modern vehicles use some form of fuel injection, as opposed to earlier cars that employed a carburetor to mix gasoline and air on it’s way into the engine. Normally most car owners never see more than the exterior of the fuel injectors under the hood. Here’s your chance to catch a glimpse of what’s going on inside each of those fuel injectors that sit atop the engine. About This Video The above video the operation of the automotive fuel injector. It goes into how to test the fuel injector, theory of operation and other aspects of reading the injector […]

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