“Is Your Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air, Or Simply Not Cold Enough?”

Do You Have Warm Or Hot Air Coming Out Of Your Air Conditioning Vents?

This can be extremely frustrating. Having lived and worked in the desert for as many years as we have, we understand spending any amount of time in a metal box (your car) in the heat of Phoenix during the summer will certainly elevate your attitude (to say the least).

Don’t automatically assume you need a whole new air conditioning system costing a lot of money. Many times it can be a simple fix. Your system may be low on Freon, have a dirty cabin air filter, a leaking hose or just need a small part to get the system working properly again. We’ll work hard to unearth the least expensive solution to get your A/C system up to speed.

If you do have a more extensive problem, our team has the experience to handle any type of air conditioning repair at a fair price.

Today’s systems are pretty straightforward, and having the correct tools and training assures you we’ll get the cold air blowing in your car again. Really cold air, like it did when it was new.

Not all parts for A/C systems are created equal. There are many..let’s say, “less expensive” parts for auto air conditioning systems available. There are a lot of premature failures of these less expensive parts too.

There’s one part of your A/C system that’s typically more expensive, the compressor. We know the compressor can be downright expensive to replace and buying a cheap rebuilt compressor will almost guarantee early failure.

We strongly recommend sourcing a quality compressor since these parts are highly intricate inside. The “remanufacturing” process of these compressors (the less expensive type of parts) is very prone to problems.

Don’t let a repair shop sell you on PRICE without discussing the issue of high failure rates with you.

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You’ll be glad you did!

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