AAA Approved Repair Shops: Setting The Standard For Others

AAA Approved Auto Repair In Tempe Arizona As you may know, Elite Auto Repair in Tempe is a AAA Approved car repair shop. But what does that mean exactly? AAA has a remarkably high number of memberships in the USA, totaling well over 54,000,000 of satisfied customers. Understandably so! They're considered one of the top inspectors when it comes to ensuring all auto repair shops are following stringent standards. Not every single mechanic shop will choose to undergo the strict inspection process all mechanic shops must pass before receiving the official AAA approval. The Criteria Selection Process In order to become an approved auto repair facility, it must accept and meet the following standards: Repair Subletting All repair shops may sublet approved repairs as long as the Member or vehicle owner is made aware of the circumstances, and the original repair shops accepts full responsibility of any damages that should occur off the approved facility's property. Customer Service High quality customer service is essential to any successful operating business. AAA seems to think so too by making sure all shops meet specific customer service requirements. They are as follows:
  • Always provide reliable and respectful service while ensuring member satisfaction stays at a 90% average or more.
  • All reception employees must wear visible identification.
  • Customer parking shall be provided in a safe and adequate manner.
  • The customer waiting area should always be kept in a safe and clean manner.
  • Provide separate diagnosis in repairs performed by appointment whenever requested by the member or vehicle owner.
Facility Appearances The external and internal areas of the repair shop shall be clean and organized to maintain a safe working zone for the employees as well as waiting vehicle owners. Never should the shop appear unorganized and filthy. Staff Training and Selection
  • All facilities will employ technicians that meet all certification requirements.
  • Technicians are required to have the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certification or a reputable equivalent.
  • If a technician claims to be enrolled with, or a member of a nationally recognized certification, proof of continuing education is required.
  • An experienced facility supervisor should always be available during all operating hours of the mechanical shop.
  • Stringent quality control standards must be utilized in order to ensure and maintain membership/customer satisfaction.
Business Reputation
  • The facility will be required to maintain a satisfactory business reputation, and this will be observed from several different sources such as:
    • Banking history will be reviewed and a letter of good standing with the business's chosen bank is required.
    • A background check is conducted to thoroughly search for membership satisfaction, financial stability as well was how the community perceives the particular mechanical shop. Insurance coverage will undergo a separate review as well.
    • The community rating with the BBB or Better Business Bureau will be reviewed.
Warranties Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a repair shop is the warranty/warranties offered to the vehicle owner. All approved auto repair facilities recognize this and are 100% willing to stand behind their workmanship. Every facility is required to guarantee their repairs, parts, and labor for at least 12 months or 12,000 miles (we offer a 24-month, 24,000 mille warranty on most repairs). All collision repairs are guaranteed for as long as the owner in question owns the particular vehicle. Any facility that must seek outside assistance to achieve the proper repairs for the vehicle is required to be held accountable for any and all repairs at the shop's expense. In addition to maintaining all proper permits required to own and operate a reputable mechanical shop, all tools and equipment should be maintained in good functioning order. Only high quality tools are permitted. Every repair shop is required to meet these standards before being accepted as a AAA Approved Facility, and they must maintain these standards due to an annual re-inspection. How To Find an Approved Repair Shop We proudly display our affiliation with AAA via hanging a sign or a sticker within view of the public. Membership Benefits Aside from being guaranteed a positive experience at any AAA-approved shop, AAA members enjoy a number of benefits including, but not limited to:
  • Free Maintenance Inspections - A member can request a 24-point inspection done at zero cost to the vehicle owner. The inspection will also include a detailed list of recommended repairs or maintenance.
  • A 12,000-Mile or 12-Month Warranty (again, we exceed this byoffering a 24-month, 24,000 mille warranty on most repairs) - All repairs are guaranteed from the time the vehicle leaves the approved facility for up to 12,000 miles or a 12-month span.
  • Parts Return - If any auto parts are replaced, the replaced parts will be returned to you at your request so long as the part is not required to be sent into the manufacturer for warranty or safety reasons.
  • Guarantees On Estimates - All estimates are guaranteed and repairs and changes to the estimate will not be made until the vehicle owner is aware and consents.
  • Dispute Resolution - If you or the facility should come to a disagreement, AAA will be your ally and will investigate the case thoroughly. A recommendation from AAA will be accepted by the facility in question, but you're not required to be bound by the decision.
The Bottom Line Perhaps if all repair facilities measured themselves by the same standards AAA-approved shops like ours adhere to, most vehicle owners wouldn't dread having to take their vehicles in for regular maintenance or for auto repairs. The American Automobile Association has been around since 1902, and has always prided themselves in setting the standard in automobile excellence. The high number of memberships enjoyed by millions of automobile owners reflects this. We look forward to your next service appointment!


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