NAPA Auto Care AZ - Identity Crisis In Tempe!

As many of you know, NAPA Auto Care AZ was formally known as Elite Auto Repair. As a matter of fact, that's still our incorporated name. We changed our image to the NAPA affiliation because many customers were unaware that the mechanic shop even existed. They knew that we had a collision repair facility (Elite Collision Center) but didn't know that the business at the south side of the building we occupy is our general service (mechanical repair) facility. They didn't know it was there because the names were so similar. We decided in 2009 we should rebrand with the NAPA Auto Care Association. This association is not a franchise. They allow us to use their branding because we purchase and use NAPA auto parts on the vehicles we repair. Our ownership is still the same and we continually strive to improve the service we offer. That said, we feel our individual identity is getting lost in the mix. We're considering the reincorporation of the "Elite" identity back into our business name and branding. We're thinking: "Elite NAPA Auto Care" I thought I'd post this and see if there's any feedback from our customers. What do you think? Call me at:


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