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Can You Deduct Auto Expenses From Your Taxes?

Everyone wants to save money, especially when it comes to their vehicles. But after you’ve found the cheapest gas, calculated the best routes to and from work, and made use of all those little tips and tricks to save on your day-to-day car costs, is there anything else you can do? Yes–you may actually be able to deduct some of your automobile expenses on your taxes. This can help lower the amount you have to pay or even help you get a tax return.

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Keep Your Car Running Like a Champion Without Breaking the Bank

Many of our customers worry about their cars breaking down, so they buy a new one. That’s fine if you really want a new car, but thanks to improved engineering and technology, you can keep the car you have on the road longer than ever before. The trade off for the improved quality found in today’s vehicles is higher maintenance and repair costs to keep their sophisticated systems running.

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The Affordability of Vehicle Maintenance

With a slow and gradual economic recovery, today’s consumers are more careful about spending their hard-earned money, even if it means putting the performance of their vehicle at risk. The average age for most vehicles in the United States is more than 11 years according to automotive research firm R.L. Polk and Co. Most consumers would rather hold on to their current vehicles while hoping the performance and functions of the vehicle hold out long enough to avoid the purchase of a new vehicle. Proper maintenance of the current vehicle will go a long way towards ensuring the vehicle stays on the road longer.

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Auto Repair Tempe: Your Cabin Air Filter…No, The Other One

Let’s talk cabin air filters. There seems to be some confusion about them, and I’m going to clear that up right here today. I think much of the confusion comes because prior to the 2000 model year, very few vehicles had cabin air filters. I believe people tend to confuse their cabin air filter with the engine air filter, and I can certainly see how that can happen. Every vehicle has an engine air filter that cleans the air going into the engine, but not all have a cabin air filter that cleans the air going into the passenger compartment. It’s easy to get them mixed up.

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Ford Real Life Tonka Dump Truck Based on the 2016 F-750

If you were like most kids (me included) you had at least some exposure to the toy trucks known as TONKA! Oh, I wanted mine to be real in the worst way. And one of the most popular Tonka trucks was…the dumbstruck, with real tilting dump bed! Ford has intentionally decided to fight dirty by playing on this childhood fantasy of so many kids. Okay, maybe not “dirty”, but as strong as this fascination with Tonka is for me and other children, it’s at least not fair. 🙂

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Your Car’s Battery – Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) vs. Reserve Capacity (RC)

Our little slice of Arizona is considered a severe service area for a lot of automotive parts, not the least of which is your car’s battery. The constant heat and driving demands can test your battery to the limit. If you haven’t had to replace a car battery yet, you most likely will at some time in the future here in the Tempe/Phoenix area.

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How To Not Destroy Your Car While Fixing It

A lot of us are “do it yourselfers” when it comes to some of our automotive maintenance chores. If this applies to you, it’s good to know you have to be careful with some of these chores so as not to do more harm than good. This especially applies to anything involving your electrical system.

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Auto Repair Tempe: Battery Service and Repair

Batteries are a huge part of modern life. How many battery chargers do you have around? We’ve got a box full of them. Of course, we’re here to talk about your car battery. When people come into our tempe auto repair shop and need a new battery, they’re really not that happy about having to spend the money. But the fact is, 70% of batteries don’t last four years, but there are some things you can do to extend the life of your battery.

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Go Hands-Free in Your Car

Some states have already made driving while using a cell phone illegal, and it’s highly discouraged in every part of the U.S. But there are many more distractions in the car than just talking on the phone or texting. Fortunately, voice control software has reached the point where many different devices in the car can be controlled by voice commands. However, not everyone can afford these extras, and they’re still fairly expensive. Here are some of the most common things people use their hands for instead of driving and their safer alternatives.

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What You Need To Know About OEM Auto Parts

A part of car ownership involves vehicle maintenance and the occasional shopping trip to replace obsolete auto parts. Whether the parts aim to maintain the function of the vehicle, or you’re looking to improve the appearances of your vehicle, shopping will present a whole new challenge if you can’t determine the difference between OEM and Aftermarket Parts.

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