“Is Your Car Telling You It Needs Brake Service Or Repair?”

Are Your Brakes Talking To You?

Many modern passenger vehicles have sensors that’ll tell you they’re due for brake service. Many older models tell you by making noise. Yes, manufacturers actually design automotive brake systems that squeak like crazy when brake repairs are needed. Others will illuminate a light on your dash.

Either way, you should have a qualified mechanic look at your brake system right away! Don’t ignore these warning devices! Cost for brake system repairs drastically increase if you procrastinate about performing this basic maintenance.

Another consideration is where you get your brake service performed. Repair shops have different philosophies.

Some focus on inexpensive parts and labor in order to compete on price. This may not be your best option. Elite Auto Repair hires and retains very qualified technicians and sources good quality parts to perform this job correctly. Rest assured, we’ll always work to deliver value and professionalism. Doing the job correctly the first time usually results in saving money over the long run.

Don’t Pay To Have Your Rotors Replaced If They Don’t Need It!

Rotors are the large metal disks in your brake system. They can be resurfaced a few times before needing replacement, saving you money.

One way we work to save you money is by machining (resurfacing) your existing rotors. We have the machinery and experience to resurface these expensive parts to exact manufacturer specifications.

Don’t Overpay For Parts!

Elite Auto Repair has strong buying power through our many affiliations with manufacturer and aftermarket distribution channels assuring you the best price possible.

Hardware Kits…What Are They?

This is an industry term for small parts kits for repairing your braking system. These can consist of clips, fasteners and other miscellaneous parts, which hold things together and yes, we do recommend replacing them at the time we perform the brake service.

Do they need to be replaced? Can’t we just re-use the existing parts?

Well, if you don’t replace these parts the chance of premature brake system failure increases. The old hardware tends to have worn surfaces that create friction causing the brakes to “hang up”, squeak, and wear out prematurely.

We recommend replacing these parts. You’re making a big investment and the small expense of these parts ensures proper brake system operation.

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