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Classic Chevy Medium Duty Trucks – (C40, C50, C60, and C70)

In honor of our new Medium Duty Truck Service And Repair Department, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some medium duty truck history. Today we feature Chevy – the C40, C50, C60, and C70. These trucks were sold as cab and chassis for many different bodies, but they all had similar cabs and front ends.

Many different engines were used, ranging from a small block 366ci V-8, to a 427ci big block V-8. Detroit diesels were an option in C60s and C70s (6-71 in the early years and 8.2 liter in later years). It’s sad that so many of these trucks are suffering a slow and painful death by rust and corrosion because they have been left out in someone’s field and completely forgotten.


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