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Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car


The questions to ask when buying a used car are important for a number of reasons. They’ll help you determine if the seller is a legitimate owner or a broker. You don’t want to be buying from anyone who is pretending to be the owner. Therefore, the questions you ask will always have that in mind. You don’t want to waste your precious research time on dead ends, and brokers are, for the most part, dead ends.

The idea behind these questions is also to establish yourself as a legitimate buyer. Sellers will get tons of responses from listing agents, brokers, dealers, and others who are interested in getting an appointment. When you speak with the owner you want to be the first person to see the car. If the car is a great find and you’re the second person, then the chances are the car will be sold out from under you. You can’t let that happen. This video goes into the crucial questions to ask when buying a used car so you get the best car from a real private party seller. The video will also help you know how to be the first person to look at it.


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