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8139 S. Priest Drive Ste 108 Tempe, AZ 85284

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Having trouble with your Air Conditioning system in your vehicle?

Need auto AC repair or service? Is your car’s AC blowing warm? Not blowing air through the vents at all? We at Elite Auto Repair obviously repair and service auto air conditioning systems but also want you to understand what we do in our repair shop every day. It helps you understand what went wrong and what we have to do to repair the issue. Automotive Air Conditioning systems are not that complicated but when they stop working, especially here in the Phoenix (Tempe, Chandler, Etc..) area, you know it. There are several components in the system and when you know what they all do you can start to narrow down the possible problem areas (see auto air conditioning video further below).

Auto AC System Diagram
AC System Operational Diagram

Here is a simplistic trouble shooting list to help aid you in determining the source of the the problem you may be experiencing:

1) Is the air temperature coming our of the vents not as cold as it should be? This could be an indication that some of the Freon has leaked out of your AC system, the cooling fans are not operating correctly, the condenser (small radiator type unit next to the cooling radiator) has air flow obstructions, or the compressor is starting to fail.

2) No air coming out of the vents? This could be a faulty blower motor or switch that controls the blower motor.

3) Warm air coming out of the vents? This could be many things. It could be that all the Freon has escaped the system, the compressor has failed, pressure sensors have failed, cooling fans have failed or it could be many other items.

We have written a few articles about automotive air conditioning systems recently. You can continue to read “My Car’s A/C Is Not Cold. What Could be Wrong?“, “My car’s air conditioning isn’t working. This could be the problem.” and “Automotive Air Conditioning – What You Need To Know.“. You can also watch the video on this page. It details how your AC system operates and common failure points.

You can bring your vehicle in for an estimate. It’s our hope that the correction to the problem you face is a simple one. We believe this because we know the key to our long term success is a satisfied customer, not a single, one-time, expensive transaction.

For some cars air conditioning repair can be expensive, so it’s more important than ever to find a trustworthy car repair shop that will provide quality repairs at a fair priceChoosing the right mechanic in Tempe can be a task. Finding one that’s trustworthy and honest is something all together different. Dependable, honest service is priceless!

We have the tools and equipment to service even the latest vehicles including the newly released R1234YF systems.

Our shop offers quality auto air conditioning work and a free vehicle inspection for each client. There’s never the threat of overinflated pricing.

For quality air conditioning work, top notch car repair service, and fair prices in the Tempe, Phoenix and Chandler areas visit us soon.