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Transmission Service Tempe

Tempe Transmission Service, Repair and Replacement

Transmission Service, Repair and also Replacement – Transmission repair for some vehicles can be expensive, so it’s more important than ever to identify a shop that will provide quality work at a fair price. We realize your car was a large investment, and the quality of its service need not be left to chance.

Selecting the ideal mechanic may be a task for sure. Discovering one that’s trustworthy and also highly qualified is something else entirely. It’s hard to put a price on professional, sincere service!

What Is Involved In A Transmission Service?

Modern transmissions are complex systems that operate under extremes of load, heat energy, tension and friction. Under typical use, over a period of time, your transmission generates millions of tiny abrasive metal fragments, which are carried through your transmission by the oil.

So, the transmission, if not serviced on a regular basis, sustains damage that could possibly trigger parts failure, overheating or a full breakdown.

An automatic transmission service should, at minimum, include the following:

  • Old fluid must be drained out
  • The transmission oil pan must be removed and cleaned
  • The specialist will check the old oil and also residue in the transmission oil pan for any sign of metal filings or debris from the clutches which may indicate any inner damage or impending transmission problems
  • The filter really should be removed and cleaned. (Some transmissions have a “throw-away” filter. In these cases a new filter should be installed
  • The bands and controls (where applicable) have to be checked and adjusted if needed
  • The filter has to be refitted
  • The transmission oil pan has to be refitted utilizing a brand new gasket
  • The transmission has to be filled with new transmission fluid
  • The transmission should be checked for any leaks
  • The car should be road tested to check the transmission for proper operation

Tempe Transmission Service Repair Replacement

Please note, if your transmission oil is remarkably degraded or contaminated, your technician may recommend a transmission flush to get rid of any kind of contaminated oil that continues to be trapped in the cooler pipes or the torque converter.

To help prolong the life of your transmission, particularly as the vehicle gets older, we recommend the transmission be serviced every 12 months or 20,000 km (whichever happens very first). This is even more important if you utilize your vehicle for towing do a great deal of driving in heavy stop/start traffic here under the hot Arizona sun in the Tempe, Chandler and Phoenix area.

Regular servicing not only serves to ensure the efficient and dependable operation of your transmission, it’s inexpensive insurance against costly repairs.

“What Should I Do To Get Started?”

The initial step is to get your car in for a free inspection. That’s something we do for every client. It’s our hope the fix for your challenge is a simple one. We recognize the secret to our prolonged success is a delighted patron, not a solitary, one time, high-priced transaction. We off high quality transmission service, replacement and repair work. There’s never any hidden charges or inflated pricing.

We have a track record for quality car parts as well as service, which is why we carry a nationwide warranty on all transmission replacements or repairs for up to 24 months. That means you’re covered no matter where you go in the continental United States.

For quality transmission work and also terrific service, contact us today!

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