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Today’s cars and trucks are more powerful, more economical, and more convenient complex than ever before. They’re also more complex, harder to diagnose and repair when things go wrong. Fortunately, the on-board diagnostic system, OBD2 since 1996, continuously monitors your vehicle, illuminating the check engine light (CEL) if it detects any faults. If the CEL stays on during your drive, this means the engine control module (ECM) has detected one or more problems, even if your car seems to be running fine. The check engine light might seem like a mystery. After all, it indicates the ECM has detected faults and stored one or more of some 10,000 diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)! For an accurate car diagnostic, Elite Auto Repair has the right tools.


First, make sure it isn’t just a maintenance light. Many people will call us because they think they have a check engine light on when they only have maintenance light on (the one that tells you your car is due for an oil change).

Beyond that, there are many sensors in your vehicle. These sensors are constantly testing various systems for proper function and a problem in any of the systems can cause the check engine light to come on.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the vehicle’s computer can diagnose what’s wrong with your car. We’re aware you can go to most parts stores for a “Free Test”. They’ll prognosticate what could be wrong and sell you a part that may or may not fix the issue.

We’ve worked with many people who have purchased lots of parts and worked very hard installing them only to find out the issue still remains. Nothing is worse than spending money and time to fix an issue and then having to pay someone else even more money to fix the same issue.

“Free Tests” generally indicate a certain sensor is not giving a correct reading. The problem can be with the sensor itself or something “upstream” causing the system to fail.

Think of the light like a symptom of pain in your body. Most of the time a doctor will have to run several tests, ruling out possible causes before coming to a conclusion of what may be causing the pain. We do the same thing for your car.

Elite Auto Repair has many tools, some produced by the manufacturer of your vehicle and others made by independent tool manufacturers, to help us locate problems. Beyond the physical tools, we have highly trained technicians skilled in automotive diagnostics.

Our people will work diligently to resolve these electronic problems and get your vehicle working properly again.

Give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!

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