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Our specialty is Electrical Diagnostic Testing and Repair for these reasons:

  • We hire the best technicians in the industry
  • We provide continuous training for our technical and non-technical staff
  • We invest in high quality diagnostic tools and equipment

We knew from the beginning that we would NOT be a standard “oil change” or “brake shop”. Many are. They hire entry level technicians at lower wages and either turn away or “attempt” to repair more complex repair jobs. Electrical and diagnostic work requires expert level technicians and variety of specialty tools to resolve. Typical repair shops do not like to make these investments and struggle to repair electrical and other diagnostic work properly.  Our approach has always been to hire the very best technicians and have top tier diagnostic and electrical testing tools available. We want to take care of all customers concerns, not just the easy ones. We do not want to send our customers to another garage to get that “difficult” job done, or worse, botch an already complicated repair.

As everyone knows, today’s cars are getting more and more electronic. There are sensors in every system of the vehicle and before long fully electric cars will probably be the norm. If not, electronics will surely play a central role. Our technicians are used to on board computer programming, diagnosing intermittently failing sensors, and troubleshooting the miles (yes, there is about 13+ miles of wires in a modern vehicle) of wires in standard passenger vehicles. Our technicians as also work on larger diesel vehicles that have similar systems, diagnostic troubleshooting, and testing procedures. We have software resources that provide “trouble-tree” (step by step diagnostic and electrical testing procedures) to aid in identifying failing parts. We also have collaborative technical software that provides known failures particular to the make, model and trouble symptom to aid in solving challenging issues.


We feel that we should have the resources on staff to understand today’s electrical and mechanical systems to diagnose difficult problems. We feel that if we do not stay up to date with this technology our business will diminish in value and be like all the other “oil change” or “brake job” places out there. Having these resources will enable us to fix any problem for our guests. This is important to us because we take the time to get to know our customers and feel obligated to be a trusted, dependable resource.


We have a well-deserved reputation for quality service, especially when it comes to computer electrical diagnostic testing and repair. Check out our reviews around the web and feel free to call us if you’re having a problem with your vehicle. We serve the Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa areas. One other thing, consider the fact that we have had the tag line “We can fix that” for almost 20 years. This is our motto!


Contact us today and set up your appointment. We want to work with you, and we’ll show it!

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