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Brake Repair And Service Tempe


The brakes on your car dictate whether or not your vehicle can be safely driven on the road. Without properly functioning brakes, your safety and that of your passengers will be in serious jeopardy, which you surely want to avoid. Elite Auto Repair is a highly qualified brake repair shop.

Safe driving begins with maintaining your vehicle’s brake systems, and keeping your car’s brakes in top condition requires a brake repair shop you can trust and rely upon.

We understand that finding a brake job provider for your vehicle is something to be taken seriously, with so much hanging in the balance. When you’re searching for the best brake repair Tempe AZ has to offer, you need look no further than Elite Auto Repair.

Brake Repair Tempe

We offer brake service that includes brake replacement and repair that’s always completed by our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians, who you can trust to get the job done right the first time around.


Some car owners don’t realize that waiting too long to have their car’s brakes repaired can do damage to the braking system in their vehicle, which leads to additional repair costs that could have been avoided if they’d taken action sooner.

Likewise, we advise our customers to pay close attention to any sounds their vehicle makes, which is an early indication that service is needed. For example, your brakes will begin to make a light squealing sound whenever they’re engaged when it’s time for the brake pads to be replaced. We’ve written an article “Everything you need to know about brake Job” that goes into more detail concerning when you need to consider replacement.  If your not completely familiar with what parts we are talking about here, the image below is of a severely worn out brake pad compared to a new one.

Brake Pad Replacement General Brake Pad Worn Out
Severely Worn Out Brake Pad (Center)

In this event, you should have the brake shoes replaced as soon as possible to avoid wearing through the shoes to the metal rotors or drums, which will lead to a very costly repair. If your the DIY type, you can reference our article “How to do a Disk Brake Job the Right Way“. We wrote up to help you through the process. If you want to know more about how your brake system works and common failures, refer to the video above on this page.


Whether you have the need for an emergency brake repair, such as a leaking brake line or require routine brake repairs, we have you covered. Many of our customers have taken advantage of our popular front or rear brake service special, which includes the replacement of your vehicle’s front or rear brake pads or shoes, inspection of your car’s rotors or drums, a brake fluid level check, an inspection and adjustment of your vehicle’s emergency brake and a road test for safety.


Tim Hunsaker - Elite Auto Repair
Tim Hunsaker – Elite Auto Repair General Manager

Elite Auto Repair performs trusted brake service. For our current specials on brake service or brake repair, click here.