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Fixing A Cracked Dashboard – What Are The Options?

Cracked dashboards are nothing new here in the hot Valley sun. We’ve all seen (or experienced) either a single crack or something that looks like an aerial map of the Grand Canyon.

What can be done?

There are basically four options.

1) Have it repaired in place. There’s usually some kind of colored filler applied and shaped to cover the cracks. The price varies on this, and so does the quality of the results. I’ve seen pretty good, and pretty bad. If you can locate someone who’s good and priced right, you might give it try.

2) Replace the whole dash with a new one. The results are stunning, and so is the price. This is probably the most labor intensive and expensive solution.

3) Install a cloth dash cover/mat. This can be effective, and even attractive when done well. The price is often acceptable and with a couple of hours to install it, this is also worth considering.

4) Install a new dash skin. This can give you similar results to replacing the dash with a new one, with only a little more effort than installing a cloth dash mat. When you use a quality part that’s carefully installed, the results can be very pleasing.

Have a look at this process in the following video…



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