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The Electric Cars Of 2015 - BMW i3

The BMW i3 is BMW's first mass production all electric car. This compcat electric car has a 160km range on full-electric power. With The same interior size as a BMW 3 Series, the all-new BMW i3 is a remarkable car. Also, this month at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, BMW is showcasing a fully automated 2015 BMW i3 with the ability to park itself without relying on a GPS signal! They call the feature Remote Valet Parking. According to Edmunds, "BMW has equipped a new i3 electric model with Remote Valet Parking, a still more advanced system that adds the capability of parking itself — with or without a driver — even in large multi-story garages, where GPS signals are often unreliable. "When activated by a Smartwatch, BMW's Remote Valet Parking Assistant uses a variety of sensors and a digital site plan to guide the vehicle through the garage levels and around posts and other structures, avoiding even moving obstacles that appear suddenly, like other car ... read more

How Hybrid Vehicles Work

Have you ever wondered what is exactly that categorizes a car has a hybrid? If you're thinking it's a car that is both gasoline powered and electric, you're right, but there's more to the story; more types and more details. Hybrid cars undoubtedly offer superior fuel economy, but making the switch can be a big decision. Have you wondered if a hybrid is the right choice for you? If so, there are few things you need to know upfront... You should understand how they work You should know what types there You should be familiar with the various benefits they offer Today's video explanation of how hybrid vehicles work comes to us courtesy of Hyundai Canada. Let's begin with the answers to some basic and necessary questions... 1. What Are Hybrids Exactly? There are a few different kinds of hybrid cars. The basic definition is any vehicle utilizing more than one source of power. The most popular hybrids pair gasoline engines with electric motors, although there are a ... read more

Is The Toyota Prius Still Top Dog?

Is The Toyota Prius Still Top Dog?

With fuel prices on the rise and no signs of coming down, the appeal for an electric car is climbing. Consumers were eager to get their hands on the very first Prius, but the novelty has worn thin now there are newer and better options out there. At the moment, the Prius pulls rank with its new upgraded model. Consumers can reap the rewards of the combined 56 miles per gallon (when Eco Mode is activated), a better suspension option, and awesome tech upgrades like parking assist, and improved LED lighting. If the new features don’t win consumers over, the new and aggressive exterior appeals to everyone’s sense of modern styling. But how much will this cost you? Less than $25,000, surprisingly. Although the Prius offers a pretty good deal, Tesla is keen on competing with Toyota in the hybrid vehicle market. As such, they’ve introduced their very own Model 3 that will hit the market with a price tag of $35,000. While still a few figures off from the Prius, they ... read more

The Electric Cars Of 2015 - 2015 Ford Focus

Today's video review covers the pros and cons of the 2015 Ford Focus. This is an excellent review created and offered by the automotive devision over at CNET. Here's a quick overview before we get to the video... PROS The Ford Focus Electric delivers on its estimated range. The torquey, electric acceleration makes the compact hatchback feel responsive. The base model is about as fully-loaded as the Focus gets. CONS The 76-mile range is less than that of the newer competition from Fiat and Kia. The battery protrudes into the rear storage space. None of the standard Focus' driver-aid features are available on the Electric. CONCLUSIONS Three years after its predecessor debuted, the 2015 Ford Focus Electric is still a good choice for a compact battery-powered car, but the newer competition offers slightly greater range and faster charging. When you need service on your Ford Focus, or any other domestic or foreign car, give us a call here at Elite Auto Repair in ... read more

The Electric Cars Of 2015 - Volkswagen e-Golf EV

It doesn't seem all that long ago that an all-electric car was just a science fiction dream. Now the reality is here, and the offerings are growing at quite a pace. In this series we're going to look at what's available now in 2015 and what's to come in the near future. Is an electric car in your future? After you see what's available, and what's coming, your answer just might be 'yes'! First up, let's look at the 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf EV... When you need service on your Volkswagen, or any other domestic or foreign car, give us a call here at Elite Auto Repair here in Tempe! (480) 455-5331

The Electric Cars Of 2015 - Toyota's Fuel Cell Vehicle

Toyota revealed a hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric vehicle at CES 2014, along with the announcement that it'll be hitting the market sometime this year! In this video we hear from Toyota's Fuel Cell Group senior engineer Jared Farnsworth about the project, including fueling the vehicle, testing the vehicle, and the obstacles that stood in their way while developing the tech. For more on this car and it's technology visit it's site: http://www.toyota.com/fuelcell/ When you need service on your Toyota, or any other domestic or foreign car, give us a call here at Elite Auto Repair in Tempe! (480) 455-5331

The Electric Cars Of 2015 - KIA Soul EV

The 2015 KIA Soul EV is the all electric version of the new KIA Soul. With a range of 94 miles and a 105 MPG, this new electric car is KIA's first crack at an EV. Like many other manufacturers KIA plans to sell the 2015 KIA Soul EV only in California. Hopefully other states will follow soon! If a quality all-electric car with satisfactory range were available here in the Phoenix area, would it be a serious consideration for your next car purchase? How does the all electric KIA stack up against its rivals? Let's get the answer to that in today's video... When you need service on your KIA, or any other domestic or foreign car, give us a call here at Elite Auto Repair in Tempe! (480) 455-5331

A Tesla All-Electric Car At An Affordable Price Point

A Tesla All-Electric Car At An Affordable Price Point

Tesla has sure made some impressive strides in all-electric vehicles, with sleek styling and 200+ mile ranges between charges. But, this cutting edge tech comes at a fairly high price. That may not be the case in the near future. It seems Tesla is developing a new, smaller electric vehicle to add to it's lineup starting in 2017. It will be called the Model 3. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted that this new vehicle would retail for approximately $35,000 US. There hasn't been much released about the performance of this model other than it would have a range of 200+ miles between charges, similar to the current Model S. No official images of the new car's design are available as of yet, but I think it's safe to say we'll see more of the sporty Tesla style

This BMW Comes With A Solar Carport That Charges Your Car

This BMW Comes With A Solar Carport That Charges Your Car

BMW has come up with a solar carport in which to park the new i3 and the soon to come i8 electric vehicles. BMW is unveiling this one of a kind auto accessory as part of the official launch of the i8 in Los Angeles, California. This new carport concept follows previous strategies by BMW to punch up its "i" sub-brand, which uses electric power. This new design features a framework making use of bamboo and sports glass-on-glass solar modules mounted on the roof. It's designed to work in conjunction with BMWs i Wallbox Pro. This makes is possible to charge the car directly from the solar panels. It also keeps a detailed report on how much solar power is going into the system compared to grid consumption. Any surplus power can be channeled back into the owner's home for everyday use. When fully charged the i8 hybrid has a traveling range of apps. 22 miles when in electric only mode. One thing's for sure, given how much sunshine we get here in the ... read more

Auto Repair Chandler: Alternative Fuels Are Gaining Traction

Auto Repair Chandler: Alternative Fuels Are Gaining Traction

The average price of conventional gasoline at the pump is currently between $3.60 and $3.70 a gallon. With persistently increasing prices, alternative fuels are increasing in popularity. Popular alternative fuels can produce the same results as standard gasoline, but at a fraction of the price. Because of the amount of energy needed in a car, the fuel must be in fairly portable form, i.e. a liquid or solid. Internal combustion engines need clean burning fuels in order to maintain optimal efficiency, and the cleanest burning fuels are either gases or liquids. Hence, both conventional fuels and alternative fuels are--almost without exception--liquids. Biofuels are among the foremost of the alternative fuels. Included in this group are options such as biodiesel, green diesel, and vegetable oil. Biodiesel is advantageous because, just as sugar is biodegradable, so is biodiesel. It's one-tenth as lethal as salt, and possesses a very low t ... read more

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