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How Diesel Engines Work – Part 1


Chances are you’ve heard about diesel-powered vehicles, other than the big rigs, the 18-wheelers. They come in many shapes and sizes from compact cars to higher end Mercedes.

In this short video series we hope to help you learn more about how a diesel functions and how it’s different from a traditional gasoline engine.

Enjoy Part 1 of “How Diesel Engines Work”…



One response to “How Diesel Engines Work – Part 1”

  1. My grandfather always drove a diesel pick-up truck. It’s almost the same way some people prefer a specific brand to another. Ever sense then I have had a strange fascination with and love for diesel trucks. I was fortunate that I was able to turn my passions into a job and hten eventually a career. Diesel engines are just a better quality vehicle – which is one the primary reasons that large work-type trucks prefer these engines to regular gasoline. Thanks for sharing these videos. http://rdipower.com

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