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Paint-less Dent Removal – How Does It Work?

There’s nothing like the let down of noticing the first dent on your new car. As one person put it, “it’s not much fun to wax a dent”. Getting it fixed is certainly an option, but maybe a pricey one. Or is it?

Perhaps you’ve seen paint-less dent removal advertised or even offered in a local, exterior mall kiosk. Have you ever wondered how it works, and even if it works?

I’ve wondered myself. My experiences of popping out a dent in many materials is that there’s always some kind or remnant of the damage left behind. Not to mention we’re usually talking metal here (sometimes plastic of some variety).

Well, wonder no more how this is accomplished, all without removing any body parts from your car.

Here’s a beginners guide demonstrating the type of techniques and equipment used!

And here are a few more examples…



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