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The Electric Cars Of 2015 – 2015 Ford Focus

Today’s video review covers the pros and cons of the 2015 Ford Focus.

This is an excellent review created and offered by the automotive devision over at CNET. Here’s a quick overview before we get to the video…


The Ford Focus Electric delivers on its estimated range. The torquey, electric acceleration makes the compact hatchback feel responsive. The base model is about as fully-loaded as the Focus gets.


The 76-mile range is less than that of the newer competition from Fiat and Kia. The battery protrudes into the rear storage space. None of the standard Focus’ driver-aid features are available on the Electric.

Three years after its predecessor debuted, the 2015 Ford Focus Electric is still a good choice for a compact battery-powered car, but the newer competition offers slightly greater range and faster charging.

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