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Preparing For A Flat Tire – Help From Consumer Reports

There’s nothing quite like discovering you have a flat tire, especially if you’re in a hurray to get somewhere. And why does it always happen when you’re dressed up in your good clothes? Sigh. It’s one thing if this happens to you at home, but what if it happens to you out upon the road or highway? What can you do to be prepared.

First of all, have a membership with a good automotive emergency group, like AAA. One call and you can simply wait while roadside assistance arrives and takes care of the problem. What if you don’t have time for that? If you experience a flat due to a slow leak, just getting it aired up so you can make it to the nearest service center could be a life saver. Small air compressors that work off of a cigarette lighter or 12V power socket work really well, and you shouldn’t be without one in your trunk. In just a few minutes, and with little effort, you can be back on the road! What about something a littler more serious, like a puncture from a nail, or something similar? Consumer Reports offers some interesting suggestions on products that claim to prepare you for such an event.


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