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Yearly Archives: 2015

US Car Czar: "Industry Faces Massive Change By 2023"

US Car Czar: "Industry Faces Massive Change By 2023"

By: Nick Carey and Deepa Seetharaman DETROIT | Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:00pm EST DETROIT (Reuters) - The American auto industry will change more in the next dozen years than it has during the past 50, said the U.S. Treasury official charged with overseeing the government's investment in the auto industry. [caption][/caption]In 12 years, vehicles will be more fuel efficient and be far more computerized, Ron Bloom said on Tuesday in prepared remarks to the Automotive News World Congress. "We will take substantial steps toward using electricity, bio-fuels, and natural gas to power our cars, and those vehicles still using oil will consume far less of it," Bloom said. While the percentage of cars using alternative fuels a dozen years from now will still be relatively small, Bloom said, "the shift will be viewed as inevitable, and the trajectory of change will be accelerating with ... read more


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How Your Car's Instrument Cluster Works

You probably take them for granted. You're constantly checking it to see how fast or slow you're going. You check it to see how much gasoline you have left, or how far you've traveled. It's your instrument cluster! They range from the clean and simple to astoundingly complex. Ever wonder what all those indicator lights in the instrument cluster mean? What other functions does it perform? The instrument cluster typically displays vehicle speed, engine speed, coolant temperature, fuel level, oil pressure, gear range, elapsed distance and battery voltage. Some vehicles may not display all of these parameters. Indicator lamps alert drivers to conditions such as low fluid levels, overheating, and other potential issues. Also, the instrument cluster may be part of the vehicle communication network where it coordinates information from various vehicle computers. Key components of the instrument cluster include: - Gauges - Warning Indicators - Switches - S ... read more

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