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Auto Repair Chandler - Four Hybrid Car Myths

Auto Repair Chandler Hybrid Car With the way the price of gas continues to rise and rise, hybrid cars have become more and more popular. But there are a lot of different myths about hybrids. If you're seriously considering purchasing a hybrid car, you need to learn what's fact and what's fiction. Here are four different myths about hybrid cars and the truth about them. Hybrids Aren't As Powerful As Gas-Powered Vehicles The truth is that hybrids, especially the more recent models, have just as much horsepower and get-up-and-go as other cars. Hybrid technology is continuing to evolve, and as it does, the vehicles become more and more powerful. In fact, some of the newest hybrids on the market can beat a number of traditional vehicles in a zero to 60 test. Hybrids Are Not Affordable For The Average Person While it's very true that when they first hit the market, hybrids were fairly expensive. However, like any new technology, the cost quickly dropped. Today, you can purchase a Toyota Prius for the same price as many gas-powered automobiles: basic markets are priced around $22,000. Sure, there are some hybrids that are very expensive, but there also very expensive gas-powered cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Hybrids Are The Alternative Power Solution We've Been Searching For And Will End Our Dependence On Oil While that would be nice, it's not really true. While the number of hybrids being sold in the U.S. has risen dramatically in the past few years, they still represent less than ten percent of all vehicles sold. The amount of gas saved is, so far, fairly insignificant when we look at the big picture. Still, of course, every little bit helps, but hybrids aren't the solution to all of the country's oil and gas problems. Hybrids Have To Be Plugged In To Recharge And Will Run Up Your Electric Bill It's actually a misconception you have to plug in hybrids. Most modern hybrids use what's called a regenerative charging, which makes use of the gas engine to recharge the battery. Whenever you hit the brakes, part of the electrical power used by the gas engine is transferred to the car's battery, giving it a small recharge. Manufacturers have stated that as long as the battery has 40 to 60 percent charge, it's good for 100,000 miles. There are some plug-in hybrids (basically electric cars), but they have only been available for a few years. They charge just like any other appliance--plug them into your home's electrical grid. While hybrids may not be the be-all, end-all of green energy, they still produce far fewer emissions and are much cheaper to drive than vehicles with traditional engines. The fact that they're now much more affordable and have just as much horsepower as gas-powered cars make them a very viable option for those who are shopping for a new vehicle. If you've not been considering a hybrid because of one or more of these myths, take another look--you may find that a hybrid is the perfect vehicle for you. Book An Appointment
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