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Auto Repair Chandler: Amazing Auto Technology

Tempe Auto Repair Okay, it's 2013 and we still don't have the flying cars we were promised in the twentieth century. However, cars have improved by leaps and bounds in utility over the years and have become more than simple methods of transportation, especially here in the Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix area. With the amount of technology incorporated into the latest models, it's no wonder prices continually rise. Cars of today can do everything but drive you to your destination, and that feature isn't too far distant. Below are ten technologies that have made the experience all that more comfortable, safer, and simpler.
  • Run-flat tires. No blowouts, no emergency stopping. When the tire gets flat, a red light on the dashboard alerts the driver and the inherent structure of the wheel allows 50 more miles at 50 mph, enough to make it home or to a gas station.
  • Dual-stage "smart" airbags. Hitting an airbag is a painful endeavor, and can be lethal for children. "Smart" airbags offer varying levels of deployment based on both the impact and the weight of the passenger.
  • Navigation systems. These have become more of a necessity than a luxury. Most drivers are willing to pay considerably more for an in-dash system rather than a portable. Latest models also include live traffic reports for major cities.
  • Premium surround-sound systems. If you're stuck in traffic or on a long road-trip, having high quality sound is extremely desirable and can help pass the time like few other options can. Most people say they'll pay plenty for a quality sound system.
  • Active cornering headlight system. These "smart" headlights take into account various factors, such as speed and steering angles, to make sure the lights are always on the road, particularly when in a turn. No more blind corners
  • Back-up assist. Backing into another car or a pole is never a fun ordeal. Rear-view cameras with a dashboard display have been implemented to lessen the risk, as well as to remove the chiropractic needs from repetitively craning your neck.
  • Blind spot detection. This device monitors lane dividers and emits a small beep if you drive too close without a turn signal on. Using the blinker silences the device, but the consistent beeps have proven effective in promoting blind spot checks.
  • Heated and cooled seats. Heated seats are somewhat old news, but new cooled seats are gaining in momentum. Typically, the seats have small pinholes in the design that allows airflow form a fan and air conditioning unit in the seats.
  • Advanced keyless entry system. The key word here is "advanced." Instead of requiring button pushing, doors unlock because of proximity to the pocketed device. The engine starts with the push of a button. Essentially, you'll never need to remove the small controller from your pocket or purse. Safety devices are built in, killing the engine if the car gets out of range of the device (less than a hundred feet).
  • Personal assistance safety services. Whether you've been in an accident or a child is locked in the care, assistance is a button-push away. It's a continued expense, but one that many people refuse to go without.
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