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Auto Repair Tempe: Finding the Best Mechanic

Auto Repair Tempe ASE Certified No matter how well you take care of your car, everyone is going to have to take their vehicle to the mechanic at some point. There are probably a few different mechanics in your area. Which one do you take your car to? (We certainly appreciate it when you choose Elite Auto Repair!) There are a few things you need to find out about a mechanic before entrusting him with your vehicle. Remember, your car is the most likely the second-most expensive thing you own--the only thing most people have that cost more is their home. Don't let a second-rate mechanic work on your vehicle. Otherwise, you may discover he has created more problems than he solved. Read Reviews The first place to start your search for a mechanic is to read some reviews online. You'll be able to find a number of different customer reviews online, although remember that some of them could have been written by either the business itself or one of its competitors. However, most reviews are honest, and they'll give you an idea of just how affordable and reliable the mechanic is. You can read real customer reviews of Elite Auto Repair here. Does the Mechanic have an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) License? The Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification group is an organization that tests mechanics and other service personnel. Those who pass these tests are certified by the ASE. While a mechanic can operate without an ASE certification, many people will look for the certification when they're selecting a mechanic. However, note that ASE only certifies that the mechanic has passed all the required tests--it doesn’t certify the tools, equipment, or facilities they use. They also don't monitor the business or revoke their certification for violations, although a mechanic has to take a qualifying exam every five years to maintain their status. However, seeing that they have an ASE certification can give you confidence that the mechanic has passed the required tests, which is what you'll find at Elite Auto Repair! Different Levels of Certification While seeing that a mechanic has an ASE certification does mean they've passed one test, it doesn't mean they're certified in all areas. The ASE actually offers over 40 different certification tests in various areas. To say they're certified, all a mechanic has to do is pass one of the tests and have two years of experience. However, if someone passes a number of exams, they're certified as Master Technicians. This shows that they have been tested in several areas of auto repair. In addition to these tests, the ASE continually updates tests to include questions over new technology and even adds new tests as needed. Identifying Mechanics with ASE Certification Any mechanic who has completed at least one level of certification can display the ASE logo at their facility. They can also list themselves as ASE certified on their website and in any advertising materials. That makes it very easy to find these mechanics. While you can certainly choose a mechanic that hasn't been ASE certified, just be sure to read their reviews first or ask your friends and family members if they've used that mechanic. We invite you check out out facility and top notch, ASE Certified personnel! Questions? Comments? Give us a call: Book An Appointment
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