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Auto Repair Tempe: Get Your Car Checked out at the Beginning of Fall

Tempe Auto Repair Did you know you should have your vehicle inspected at least once every year or so? This is because you need to do some preventative maintenance yearly to avoid major problems. After all, most people go see their doctor, optometrist, and dentist once a year so any major health issues can be caught and dealt with as early as possible. You need to do the same for your car. The beginning of the fall is the perfect time to have this preventative maintenance done. There are a few reasons why it's a good time. You've Driven a Lot Over the Summer Many families do a little more driving during the summer than usual. While it's true you don't have to drive your kids to school or to their various activities, you may drive them to other activities, such as a summer sports league, summer school, a sitter, or to the playground or park on a regular basis. Many people take vacations over Labor Day or Memorial Day, plus some people drive to their summer vacation destination. Driving during the extreme heat can take its toll on a car, especially the engine. You'll be Driving Your Kids More Even though you may have done a lot of driving over the summer with your kids, during the school year you may actually be driving them more often. You may also be driving them to a lot of events that have a definite start time. You can't afford to be late to these events. If you're part of a car pool, it won't just be your children who are affected, either. That's why you should make certain your car is in good shape going into the school year. The Cold Weather Isn't Kind to Vehicles, Either While the heat can certainly cause problems, the cold has its own unique set of issues. And if you live near the outer part of the metropolitan Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler areas, the nighttimes can be very cold. Cold weather can make it difficult to get your car started. One thing you want to make certain you have checked out is your engine and how well it drives. The cold weather can make many engine issues much worse, so take care of them now. Also replace your air filters if they're dirty, and make sure all of your fluid levels are where they should be. Don't Forget the De-Icer It's recommended that you add one bottle of de-icer to your fuel tank once a month during the colder months. This special fluid prevents moisture in your fuel lines from freezing up. Check Your Tires If you live in an area where the roads tend to freeze over a lot, you certainly want to get your tires checked before the bad weather hits. Tires that are worn have very little tread left and won't be able to grip the road very well at all. This can send you slipping and sliding. Check Everything Regularly After you have your entire vehicle checked over at the beginning of fall, perform small checks yourself once a month or so. This includes inspecting the tires for wear, making sure all of your fluid levels are correct, and testing all of your lights. It only takes about ten minutes to check everything, but it can prevent being stuck on the side of the road during the upcoming months. If you find any issues, give us call and we'll help you get it straightened out. Call us at: Book An Appointment


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