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Auto Repair Tempe: Why Are There So Many Types Of Motor Oil?

Tempe Auto Repair Motor Oil With so many different types of motor oils available today, it can be difficult to discern which one is best for your car. Although there are many different manufacturers, they each provide different types, including conventional, synthetic, semi synthetic and motor oil that's been specifically designed for high mileage motors. When it comes to conventional motor oil, the reason it's called conventional (or standard) is it's the only petroleum-based motor oil available. It's been refined, blended with a variety of additives (including some detergents) to keep your engine lubricated and clean. Most standard motor oils have a variety of additives, which keep your engine from overheating, lubricated and running smoothly. oil change tempe coupon special Many people consider full synthetic motor oil the very best available today. There are many claims regarding the advantages of using a full synthetic over a synthetic blend or even conventional motor oil. Full synthetics are more expensive than other types, providing maximum protection in any driving conditions, including extreme temperatures and harsh acceleration and deceleration. However, full synthetic oils are expensive, and many people either cannot afford them or don't believe the hype about them being better than traditional oil. Many people choose a synthetic blend motor oil for this reason. It's a combination of conventional petroleum-based oil along with a synthetic type of oil. Semi synthetic oils offer excellent performance under any condition, regardless of driving style, temperature, stop and go traffic and pulling or carrying very heavy loads. Although many people consider a full synthetic the best regardless, semi synthetic oils can provide you with the protection, lubrication and cleaning agents you need in a motor oil, without the extensive cost of full synthetics. Finally, high mileage motor oil is a unique blend that has a variety of additives which keep your engine lubricated, protect from burn off and keep all of the seals in the engine lubricated. This is important, because with so many miles on the motor many seals within the engine may become dry, cracked and brittle. In addition, high mileage motor oil is specifically designed with detergents that help to keep it lubricated and protected, because it has to work harder than it did when it was brand-new. Regardless of your taste or your budget, when it comes to engine oil, it's extremely important to take into consideration the type of vehicle you're driving and your driving style. If you drive a lot of short commutes through heavy traffic, travel very short distances, pull/carry very heavy loads or consider yourself an aggressive driver, a full synthetic oil may be the best choice. If your car has more than 75,000 miles on it, high mileage oil may be in your best interest. Finally, if you drive over long distances, don't drive very often, or are a casual driver, semi synthetic or conventional oil may be best. Overall, it's best to choose the oil that suits your vehicle's manufacturer's requirements to ensure maximum protection of your vehicle and your warranty. If you have any questions regarding which type of oil is best for your particular vehicle, give us a call today at:oil change tempe coupon specialBook An Appointment


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