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Automotive Air Conditioning - What You Need To Know

Car Just imagine...you're stuck in traffic on a summer afternoon with sweat trickling down your face, your hands almost slipping of the steering wheel and the back of your shirt soaking wet. That's certainly not how you want to get to your desired destination, be it work, a lunch, or in fact anywhere at all. You might have already noticed what’s missing from this situation we just imagined, which is what brings us to our topic of discussion. It has the potential to make your life miserable, which is why it's extremely important to make sure your vehicle's air conditioning system is in good condition, especially on our hot summer days when you need it the most. This is not only to ensure a comfortable journey but is also important for your health and the health of your passengers. Here are a few things that must be kept in mind throughout the summer. People who have diminished resistance to heat should pay even greater heed to these guidelines.

Typical Causes of System Break Down

Since there are no warning lights or other obvious indicators to tell you that something is not right with your air conditioner it's hard to take protective measures. However, if you notice weak airflow or the air not being as cool as before, which are typical symptoms of a breakdown, it's recommended you get your vehicles air conditioning system checked as soon as possible. Possible causes for a weak airflow could be mold or mildew accumulated in the evaporator core, the blower hose may have come loose or the ventilation fan may not be working correctly, causing hindrance in getting the air to flow smoothly and with the right pressure. If you feel the air is not as cool as before some of the reasons may be a failed compressor, a failed blower motor, a damaged condenser or evaporator, or nasty leaks. Leaks, if detected early, are easier to take care of while if the leak persists for a longer period of time it may cause damage to other more important and expensive parts of your vehicle. Other types of typical breakdowns include air being cool at first but eventually becoming warm or an awful smell coming from your air conditioner when you turn it on. These are also alarming symptoms that can make your driving experience unpleasant and which should immediately ring a bell and compel you to give us a call and come in for an inspection to asses the situation.

Air Conditioning System Care

It's important to note the air conditioning system relies on a number of subsystems and it's imperative these subsystems be operating efficiently in order for the entire system to work in a smooth and orderly fashion. Components of the system such as the evaporator, condenser and compressor need to be checked on a regular basis as they're all subject to wear and tear. Regular air conditioner servicing will not only help ensure a smooth running system but also prevent potential break downs. Also, beware of leaks. Detecting them is difficult, hence make sure to get you car checked for leaks on a regular basis.

Repair Expenses

If your car’s air conditioner is not working the way it should be give us a call and schedule an appointment for an inspection and estimate to repair any serious damage. People often ignore car maintenance in order to avoid expenses, but what they don’t realize is the longer they wait the more damage is being done to their car, which leads to even bigger expenses. Be very vigilant and careful about noticing the subtle symptoms your vehicle's cooling system may be giving off before completely breaking down, in order to avoid unnecessary expensive repairs and to enhance your comfort while traveling. Any questions or comment? Give us call today, we're always happy to hear from you!

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