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Chandler Car Repair: Improve Your Car Safety

Tempe Auto Repair Seat Belt It's likely the most dangerous thing you'll do during a given day is to drive in a vehicle. Scary, isn't it? This act has become so commonplace that most people don't even give it a second thought. Many people can remember times where they've driven stretches of familiar roads without remembering it afterwards. Luckily for consumers, most manufacturers are implementing state of the art safety features into their designs. Regardless, there are some things every driver should be doing to maximize his or her safety while behind the wheel or while riding as a passenger. 1) Keep Up On Maintenance Keeping up on oil changes, tire rotations, and periodic checks, along with getting your car to one of our ASE Certified mechanics quickly whenever the "check engine" light comes on is an excellent way to keep the car working like it should, and consequently keeping you safe. The manufacturer probably knows your vehicle better than anyone else, so carefully reading and following their maintenance schedules is key in keeping your car healthy. 2) Practice Defensive Driving Unfortunately, being a good driver does not mean that you'll never get into an accident. Other people on the roads will inevitably make mistakes, and being conscientious of what the cars around you are doing can help you react faster to potentially dangerous situations. Simultaneously, don't be that other driver. When you see a mistake made, instead of getting angry try to examine your own driving record for that same flaw. Remember the flaw, practice performing the maneuver the correct way. 3) Be Extra Careful During Bad Weather The number of accidents skyrocket during storms. Slow down during snow or rain, take corners slowly, and don’t worry about the time. An important part of this is to maintain plenty of distance between yourself and the car in front of you. If you're right on their bumper and something happens, you have no time to react and any fast reaction will likely cause sliding. 4) Wear Your Seatbelt More than half of all fatalities that occur during auto accidents were due to people not wearing a seatbelt. Without a seatbelt, a small fender bender can cause serious injury and, potentially, death. Worn properly, seatbelts prevent you from being flung around inside a vehicle. If you've heard the idea that seatbelts can be potentially dangerous, ignore it. While there is the one in a million situation where not wearing a seatbelt may have saved a life, remember that it's a one in a million situation. 5) Drive At Full Capacity Don't drink and drive. Don't text and drive. Don't drive drowsy. Distracted or impaired driving can have deadly consequences, and so should be treated with a good measure of gravity. Keep your eyes on the road and if need be, pull over to take a phone call. Not multitasking behind the wheel may mean that you'll need to take an extra few minutes at your destination, but safety drastically decreases when your full attention is not committed to the task. Focus on driving while you're driving. As far as the safety of the vehicle you drive, bring your car in any time for a free Safety Inspection. Call us today:Book An Appointment


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