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Chandler Car Repair: Preventative Maintenance, Like Saving Money!

Preventative Maintenance Preventative maintenance in a car can increase both your safety and the car's lifespan. If a car is neglected, odds are that repairs will be required more frequently and will cost much more than the maintenance otherwise would have. Listed below are several things you should check on at each interval. This is by no means all-inclusive, but merely a starting point. The best course of action is to take a look at the manufacturer's recommendations and follow them to a tee. They know the car and what it needs. Listening to them may save its life. Every Month Verify the check engine light is off. If the light is on, get it into the shop to catch whatever problem it is as early as possible. Check tire pressure and make sure it's within the models' guidelines. Visually check that all exterior lights are working and replace burned out bulbs. Every Three Months Change the oil. It's recommended to change the oil filter at the same time, and is usually easily accessible while changing the oil. This is the most commonly known maintenance item, and is perhaps the most important for maintaining a healthy vehicle. Check other fluid levels, including power steering, brake, and coolant, and add fluid as necessary. Check for connectivity on the battery and cables. Check the engine belts for wear or warping. Every Six Months Examine and change as needed the engine air filter and fuel filter. Change out the wiper blades of both front and rear windows. Check the various hoses for leaks or bad seals. Rotating your tires depends more on miles driven than an amount of time, but every six months is about right if you drive an average amount. While you are rotating your tires, do a visual inspection of the brake pads. While most brake pads will squeak when they get low, knowing that the replacement is coming will help you identify the needed change that much faster. Every Twelve Months Everything. Bringing your car into one of our ASE certified mechanics once a year and asking for general servicing is a very good idea. While maintaining it yourself is completely possible, having a professional in the industry look at an investment of that caliber on a yearly basis is definitely advisable. They'll be able to do grander scale verifications, such as the general health of the engine or transmission. They are trained to catch anything you may have missed and can provide authoritative advice on possible future repairs. This may seem like a lot of work, but the time constraints are minimal. The monthly check up should take no more than five minutes. The quarterly should take roughly 20 minutes (perhaps longer the first time while you get used to your car). The semi-annual check-up will most likely take between 30 minutes to an hour. The yearly check up will usually take the mechanic no longer than a handful of hours from drop off to pick up. By dedicating a total of only six to eight hours yearly to your car's health, you'll be safer and your car will last significantly longer, and that's a very good thing! Call us today and bring your car in for a free safety inspection and make sure your car maintenance is up to snuff, and gain confidence in your ride and peace of mind. Call us today:Book An Appointment


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