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Cruising Hands-Free In A Tesla Model S

Perhaps you heard that the owners of the Tesla Model S woke up one morning last month to discover a new software update in their cars, one that included something called "Autosteer". Interesting! It was indeed a hands-free driving feature. However, Tesla's people made it abundantly clear its new Autosteer feature wouldn't work without the driver keeping his hands on the steering wheel at all times. Nick Jaynes over at Mashable found out they were wrong! Nick said. "While some skeptics might point out that several carmakers offer similar systems right now, including Mercedes-Benz and Honda, none, however, work quite as seamlessly or as competently as the Tesla Autopilot. "Where Honda's system ping pongs between freeway lane markings and Mercedes' requires drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times, I sat back and enjoyed the ride in the Tesla, despite warnings against going completely hands-free. Essentially, for the 20 minutes I was behind the wheel of the Autopilot-fitted Model S P90D, I felt I was driving in a not-too-distant all-autonomous future." Here's the video of his experience! Book An Appointment


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