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How to Protect Your Car's Paint Job From the Arizona Sun

Tempe Auto Repair

Expert Advice for Protecting Your Car's Paint From Premature Fading Caused by Extreme UV Exposure

Scorching sun, dust and wind can get the best of your car's paint job, but it doesn't have to. Many people don't know how to keep the paint on their cars looking good; so we're here to give you tips for maintaining your car's exterior finish under the extreme elements found here in Arizona. When your vehicle is exposed to the harsh rays of the desert sun on a regular basis, harmful effects like premature fading become a serious threat to the appearance of your car's exterior finish. This article will tell you how to avoid the embarrassment of that weather beaten look that results from improper care of your car's paint finish. The first thing that you must do to keep you car's paint looking good is seek out covered parking whenever possible. This will limit your car's exposure to the sun and its damaging effects. Shelter your car from the sun by parking in shaded areas or under a sun proof car cover if your car will be parked for an extended time outdoors. Keeping you car cool and out of the sun is critical to maintaining your car's exterior finish. You'll also need to keep your car clean. It should be washed frequently to remove tree sap, pollen, dust and bird droppings that can wear away at your car's paint if left on the surface to bake in the Arizona sun. When you wash your car, it should be done when the car's surface is cool, outside of direct sunlight. Make sure that you always apply wax to your vehicle after it's washed too, since waxing offers a layer of protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays and also provides protection from pit damage caused by dirt grinding into your car's paint. Some newer cars have clear coat paint with UV inhibitors, offering some much needed protection for your car's paint job, but this is not enough to protect your car's exterior finish in the long run. To get the maximum protection, we recommend using a synthetic UV paint sealing product on your car that you'll need to apply several times per year, since UV paint sealers only protect your car from the sun's damaging rays for an average of three months. Elite Collision Center Auto Body Shop in Tempe AZIn the event that your vehicle's paint has seen its best days, Elite Collision Center of Tempe offers the latest technology to restore your car's paint to its original luster and beauty. Give our experts a call at or stop by our conveniently located paint shop to get all of your questions about your car's exterior finish answered. We use state-of-the-art refinishing systems that will protect your car's exterior and keep you riding in style, no matter where your find yourself driving in the Arizona desert. Elite Collision Center 8139 S Priest Dr Ste 101 Tempe, AZ 85284

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The paint shop at Elite Collision Center uses Sikkens refinish products which are manufactured by Akzo Nobel® coating company. Akzo Nobel® has been a world leader in automotive finishes for over 100 years. This best-in-class European product, applied by our certified paint technicians ensures your vehicle's finish will match and perform superbly. We're so sure of this we offer a Lifetime Warranty on every vehicle we repair and paint. Click here for full details. Book An Appointment
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