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Jaguar's New Smart Car Can Drive Just Like You

Tempe Auto Repair Jaguar's New Smart We'll all heard a lot about many different "smart" devices, including a "smart car". The aim of these technologies in the automotive market is to increase efficiency and lower risk and injury. The picture that's presented to us a leisurely drive where we can be checking e-mail, surfing the Internet, text messaging, etc. all while the "smart car" gets us quickly and safely to our destinations for us, our own personal driver whenever we want it. Jaguar's new Smart Assistant is a sort of bridge between that future time and now. It can actually learn from your behavior and offer up a bevy of options and information at your fingertips, even before you get into the vehicle! The Smart Assistant identifies the driver of the car via a smart phone, or some other similar device. It analyzes your calendar, the current traffic conditions, and the weather to intelligently predict your imminent behavior. As I eluded to earlier, this all starts before you even get into the car. It can send you reminders related to things on your calendar, or adjustments needed due to weather or traffic conditions. As you approach the vehicle it auto adjusts the mirrors, driver's seat and steering wheel settings so everything is customized for you as you enter the car. It can also have a preprogrammed route waiting for you in the onboard GPS system. It can also auto reroute your GPS instructions throughout the day depending on traffic, weather and how it relates to your schedule. The Smart Assistant also watches how you drive and learns your style. It can work this into the models it uses for acceleration and following distance in its adaptive cruise control. There are also plans to store your Smart Assistant Profile in the cloud so that if you were to get behind the wheel of a friends (or rented) Jaguar or Range Rover, all of your auto adjustments would be applied to that vehicle. The Smart Assistant is still in development and there is no scheduled release date as of yet. Book An Appointment


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