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Prestone Introduces New And Improved Antifreeze/Coolant With Advanced Corrosion Protection

Prestone Cor Guard Inhibitor If there's one thing everyone in the Greater Phoenix area knows about their cars, it's how important the cooling system is to both personal comfort and the longevity of their rides. Speaking to that need Prestone has released a new antifreeze/coolant that is said to offer advanced corrosion protection as well. They are calling their new formulation "Cor-Guard Inhibitor". The lowdown from Prestone is this new formula better protects the areas in your cooling system most vulnerable to rust and corrosion, including components like the water pump, the heater core, the radiator, and so on. They also claim it will protect critical engine gaskets offering longer engine life. Tim Shipley, vice president of sales and marketing for Prestone says, "Our new proprietary formula improves Prestone's already industry-leading antifreeze, making it easy for all drivers on the road today to better protect their engines. Prestone with Cor-Guard inhibitors will be one of the most pivotal innovations the antifreeze category has seen in nearly 20 years." For more info visit Prestone.com. Book An Appointment


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