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Reasons Not To Buy An SUV

Tempe Auto Repair What? Didn't we just cover the reasons you might want to buy an SUV last week? You bet we did. In the interests of fairness, we thought it might be valuable to offer an opposing viewpoint this week. Today's opposing viewpoints come from Jim Kenzie of Motoring TV from an episode back in 1997. Jim says you can call them crossovers or call them SUVs - just don't call them yours. That has been and continues to be, the consensus from the Motoring TV team since the show's earliest days. SUVs have come a long way, but most of the reasons Jim Kenzie laid out as to why not to buy an SUV way back in 1997 may still hold water today. "There are some safety advantages of vehicles like this," Jim said of the then-current crop of SUVs on the market. "First of all, they are heavy, and, all else being equal, a heavy vehicle is safer than a light vehicle." Jim also states the higher vantage point afforded by most SUVs gives drivers a better vantage point. But from four-wheel drive that does nothing to stop the vehicle any quicker to slower passing ability and longer distances to come to a stop, he purports the SUV hasn't been and continues not to be, the best choice out there. Consider all the angles and decide for yourself! Book An Appointment
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