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Self Driving Cars - Almost A Reality

Self Driving Cars In some states Google is already operating self-driving cars, which are mainly updating Google maps street images. Have you ever wondered if this technology would come to the public at large? Just imagine, you get in your car on your way to work. You punch in your destination and then relax as you check e-mail and enjoy your morning coffee as your car automatically and safely delivers you to your destination. Near-future fact, or total fiction? It may be closer than you think! This update comes to us via AutoNews.com... It seems Automakers are pushing hard toward the goal of putting self-driving vehicles on public roads. The technology required to do so keeps showing up on new vehicles. Automobiles can already warn drivers of obstacles, impending collisions and lane departures. Some can nudge cars back into their lanes or even put the brakes on. However, a lack of infrastructure may slow the rise of auto-driving cars as it has the growth of electric vehicles. Practical electrical vehicles are available, but sales have lagged because public recharging stations are still few and far between. Self-driving vehicles will have to be connected to an external system that feeds them info about other vehicles, traffic conditions and road work. And providing the stream of information -- complete, accurate and universal -- for self-driving vehicles may be even harder. But, industry leaders are confident we will solve these issues and you may be riding in an autonomous car sooner than you thought! For more on this, click here. Book An Appointment


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