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Spring Is In The Air, And So Is Auto Repair!

Cactus Since spring is upon us, you might take a moment to consider, is your vehicle ready for the new season change? Every vehicle is unique with its own specific needs and maintenance, but most vehicles will require routine maintenance in order to ensure proper function for years to come. To prepare your vehicle for spring follow this guide to ensure your vehicle looks good, and functions as it should.

Wash Your Car and Detail It

Road grime can be damaging to your vehicle’s paint and parts, which may reduce the resale value. The extreme temperatures and the constant grime make it impractical to continuously wash our cars during the winter, so spring is an ideal time to give your car a much needed ‘spa-treatment’, if you will. So how do you go about cleaning your car? Visit a car wash in your local area and consider purchasing the largest package you can afford. To get the most out of this ‘cleanse’, be sure to purchase a package that will include cleaning of the undercarriage. Bonus: If you can afford it, have your vehicle professionally waxed by a technician with high quality materials. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you could purchase the materials and do it yourself (with the help of online tutorials), but the risk and time may not be worth it.

Give The Interior Some Much Needed Attention

The exterior of your vehicle isn’t the only place that road grime lurks, inevitably, it will end up in the interior of your vehicle as you and your passengers enter and leave your vehicle. The process of cleaning the interior is an extensive one, but you can start by putting your emergency winter kit away in the garage or another safe place for now. The following materials should be carried around regardless of season:
  • Jumper Cables
  • A First Aid Kit
  • A Flashlight with extra batteries
  • A small tool set
You may not need to use these tools, but you’ll most likely run into someone who could use your help who doesn’t already have these tools on hand. You may not need to have the upholstery cleaned depending on how clean you and your passengers are, but removing the floor mats and cleaning them, and under them is an absolute must. Next, replace your passenger compartment air filter and having your air conditioner and heating unit serviced if needed.

Check Your Fluids and Filters

The fluids for your vehicle should be checked regularly to ensure all components, including your motor, run properly. If neglected, it can lead to damage to your engine and other auto parts, which can be costly to replace. To make sure everything is functioning as it should be, check all fluid levels and top off if needed. If your air filter hasn’t been changed in a while or its dirty, consider replacing it. Check to be sure that your engine has enough oil and that your coolant levels are at the minimal line. Check your transmission fluid too, while you’re at it. Your brake fluid and power steering fluid should also be inspected. If any of your fluids are low or need replacing, now is the time to have it scheduled at a mechanic shop. Spring usually brings with it the perfect the opportunity to have an oil change performed on your vehicle. If you’re a do it your-selfer, you can easily do it yourself if you have a half an hour to spare. Unless you intend to go on a serious road trip or your oil really needs a change, you don’t need to change it any sooner than what the manual recommends.

Time for A Full Inspection

After you’ve completed the previous tasks, it’s time to take your vehicle to a mechanic to have a full inspection performed. Often times, they can detect problems before they become full-blown and costly problems. Give us a call and schedule a free inspection with us! Now that your car is ready for the spring season, you can rest assured knowing you took steps to keep your car reliable! Book An Appointment
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