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Auto Repair Tempe: Your Car's Disc Brakes

Auto Repair Tempe: Your Car's Disc Brakes

I probably don't need to tell you how important your disc brakes are! Having good brakes just keeps you out of trouble. Carefully maintaining your brakes is the key. With disc brakes, brake pads rub on a disc, or rotor, to slow the wheels. The pads are attached to a caliper that squeezes them against the rotor. It's kind of like how squeezing the handbrake on a bicycle pushes the brake pads against the wheel of the bike. Now, pads just wear away with use, kind of like how a pencil eraser wears out. But the good news is replacing brake pads is a straightforward repair. If you hear squealing or grinding when you use the brakes, have your service advisor here are Elite Auto Repair in Tempe check them out. He'll have one of our certified technicians perform a thorough brake inspection to see what needs to be done. He'll check for signs of brake problems and go over other brake components to see tha ... read more


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