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Poop-Powered Cars Could Soon Be A Thing!

So, first of all...iiieeeeewwwwwwwwwww! Okay, now that we have the initial shock out of the way, yes it could actually come to pass! (No pun intended.) Poop-mobiles could one day be a reality, thanks to the work of researchers from the University of California who are attempting to develop new biofuels using human waste and other discarded protein sources. If successful, the project will help to solve two major problemsby developing a satisfactory replacement for non-renewable fuels such as gasoline, and also finding a practical use for the 0.9 billion tonnes (1 billion tons) of human poop produced by Americans each year.     At present, much of this is simply left to compost, releasing harmful greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide, which are 325 times more potent than carbon dioxide. In an attempt to kill both of these birds with one stone, the team are studying the biology of a bacteria called Bacill ... read more

Watch This Tesla Park Itself ... Very Slowly

Watch This Tesla Park Itself ... Very Slowly

The world is bracing itself for the rise of self-driving cars. Manufacturers from Mercedes-Benz to Audi have begun developing models to prepare for the future demand. One of the top innovators is Tesla, the automotive and energy company run by Elon Musk. They too have dipped their toes in the water of automated driving and have been met with tons of praise.  Here, a Tesla model S 7.1 shows off its self-parking capabilities. This feature, called Summon, allows you to use your phone to park the car in your garage and shut off the power. You can also use it to start the car and back out of the garage. It’s a useful feature, even if the car does look a bit clunky while doing it

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