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Tempe Auto Repair: Headlamps or Headlights

Tempe Auto Repair: Headlamps or Headlights

Seeing where you're going while driving at night is crucial. Yet many drivers suffer with less than adequate light from their headlamps or headlights, and there's no good reason to let that happen. 40% of traffic fatalities take place at night, even though there’s 60% less traffic, which serves to demonstrate how important proper visibility is to nighttime driving. Obviously, a clean windshield is important and so are good wiper blades, but what role do your headlights play? The answer is, a big one! There are two main concerns. One is with the headlamp/headlight, or bulb, the other is with the lens. The fact of the matter is, headlamps go dim over time. You just need to replace them. Some vehicles come with a standard bulb, which you can replace, or you can upgrade to a halogen bulb that is much brighter. Halogen costs a little bit more, but you'd be amazed at the difference. Ma ... read more


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