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Tempe Auto Repair: How Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Can Save You Money In the Long Run

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The Advantages of Synthetic Blend Motor Oil in the Tempe, Chandler and Phoenix Areas

oil change tempe coupon special Motor oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle. It handles important tasks like carrying away heat from vital engine parts, reducing the friction between engine parts and removing corrosive particles from the engine. Because the cost of replacing an engine can be a major expense, it makes good economic sense to do all you can to extend its lifespan. This means maintaining the oil in your vehicle's engine based on the recommendations of your car's manufacturer. However, it's important to realize your vehicle may require more frequent oil changes based on the environmental conditions your car is operating under. When you go too long between oil changes, you potentially risk serious damage to your car's engine due to the sludge that builds up as the oil breaks down under high operating temperatures. Most people never give a second thought to the type of motor oil running through their car's engine and don't realize that not all motor oil is the same. Since the oil used in car engines comes in different grades, its quality can significantly impact the performance of the motor in your vehicle. As a car owner in the Phoenix, Tempe or Chandler area, you face extreme driving conditions from the desert heat that pushes the engine in your vehicle to its limit on a day to day basis. Because of this, you must carefully consider the available options for motor oil that may be used by a car maintenance shop, to make sure your car doesn't fail you under extreme operating conditions. Depending on where you take your vehicle, you may get an oil change for a low price, but you'll sacrifice quality in exchange for the bargain service you receive. This is because a quality oil change requires the use of motor oil that's more resistant to the breakdown that can occur with the elevated temperatures your engine operates under. Due to cost factors, a car maintenance shop that offers oil changes at low prices will be limited to the use of conventional oil for their service. This may appear to save you money, but it's no savings at all when compared to the alternative of a premium oil change that uses a higher quality motor oil, such as a synthetic blend motor oil that only costs slightly more. As its name implies, synthetic blend oil is combination oil. It provides an optimal mixture of conventional petroleum based motor that's merged with additives and other chemicals to produce a top performing formulated motor oil. Synthetic blend motor oil keeps your car's engine cleaner longer and is engineered to stand up to the higher temperatures your car engine faces in the Arizona desert heat. Synthetic blend motor oil is also a good alternative to conventional motor oil because it requires less frequent oil changes, saving you money in the long run. When deciding where to take your vehicle for regular oil changes, consider Elite Auto Repair in Tempe. We offer quality oil change services that include the use of synthetic blend motor oil, to keep your car running strong under the scorching temperatures of the Arizona desert sun. Make an appointment today right here on the website of call us at: oil change tempe coupon specialBook An Appointment


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