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That Bumpy Ride Might Mean It's Time For New Shocks And Struts

Tempe Auto Repair Unless you’re a car mechanic, it might be difficult to diagnose what’s wrong with your vehicle when you hear a noise or feel something that normally isn’t there. But, if you're having issues with steering including weird noises, problems braking, going from a smooth ride to a bumpy or shaky one, or if your car seems to be swaying or leaning when you turn, then you should be asking yourself: “Is it time for new shocks and struts?” And, the answer is probably, yes. New, strange noises, and changes in the way your vehicle handles can be warning signs your shocks and/or struts might need to be replaced. A visit with your mechanic here at Elite Auto Repair will be able to determine exactly what the problems are and what needs to be replaced or repaired. What’s The Difference Between Shocks And Struts? The weight of your vehicle rests on the struts, which keep your car off of the tires. They are the main component of the suspension system, which is comprised of shock absorbers, the coil spring and in some vehicles, the swivel mount. (aka The MacPherson Strut) With regular maintenance, struts have an average lifespan of 70,000-80,000 miles depending on the types of roads traveled and geographic location since rust can also be a factor in degenerating struts. A lot of the time, the shock absorber will need to be replaced as opposed to having to completely replace the entire strut. Be sure your Elite mechanic explains what parts have been repaired or replaced. Is It Safe To Drive With Broken Shocks And Struts? There’s actually two answers to that question. If the strut is genuinely “broken” and not just worn, then it's quite dangerous to continue driving your car. Most auto repair technicians will recommend replacing struts on both sides of your vehicle so it won't be imbalanced. If it's a shock absorber that needs to be replaced, it’s not necessarily dangerous to continue driving for a short period of time, though the ride will probably be extremely bumpy and uncomfortable. With a yearly inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system, hazardous conditions such as failing or cracked components will be identified before a dangerous situation can arise from improper steering or maneuverability. How Expensive Is It To Replace Or Repair Shocks And Struts? The cost to repair or replace shocks and struts depends on the condition of the existing parts and whether you're having certain components replaced or if you getting an entire strut assembly replaced. Your mechanic can also make the recommendation to have all four struts repaired or replaced. Thankfully, there are a lot of strut manufacturers that make complete strut assemblies that include a new shock absorber, a new mount, and a new coil spring. This can save consumers money by not having to buy the more expensive individual parts. Consumers will also save on labor costs from the repair shop. Get An Estimate For a couple of months, your car has been bouncing up and down at every pothole and it feels like you’re roping a bronco whenever you have to turn a corner, but you’re still wondering if it’s time for new shocks or struts, then you need to consult with an expert. We're always happy to provide a detailed written estimate. You need to know what work will be performed and what parts will be needed. The Bottom Line - Find A Trusty Mechanic Shop And Stick With Them Car repairs are a fact of life for those of us who own a vehicle. For most of us that aren’t mechanics, it’s impossible to know what that new squeaking sound means or understand the fluid we see left on our driveways. So, before you even suspect that there’s something wrong with your car, preventative maintenance can save you time, money and many headaches down the road. Humans are told that we should have regular checkups and see our doctors twice a year. Your car is no different and should be treated like a family member with regularly scheduled inspections. The relationship between you and your mechanic here at Elite should be as good as the one between you and your doctor! Book An Appointment
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