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Tips For Purchasing Auto Insurance

Tempe Auto Repair Insurance The Internet proves to be convenient for a number of things; including searching for the best auto insurance. Providing you’ve prepared yourself and you’ve done your homework beforehand, the Internet is a great resource to use to gather and compare quotes.

Pick A Method for Finding Car Insurance Quotes

Before you begin, you need to find a reputable site or source to find insurance quotes. You can accomplish this by: Going directly to the auto insurance company’s website, or entering your info into an auto insurance directory, one which will submit your info to a variety of sites and email you the offers. Both options will accomplish the same thing, but the last option enables you to shop more efficiently while saving on both time and money. You also avoid the extra step of having to look up insurance companies for which to submit your info.

Determine Your Budget

Before you can begin the process of shopping for car insurance, you need to sit down and determine your monthly budget. Of course, affordability shouldn’t be the only criteria by which you compare quotes. You need to ensure you’re purchasing enough coverage for yourself, your passengers, and for anyone else who might be involved in an accident. Some states have minimal coverage standards; you can check with your local DMV office to determine what the minimal coverage is for your state. The importance of considering your budget becomes clear when you’re unable to keep up on your monthly payments.
  • Skipped or late payments may cause cancellation of your service which in turn could lead to:
  • Higher insurance premiums the next time you decide to switch insurance companies.
  • Suspension of your driving privileges.
  • And expensive tickets.
While shopping around, be sure to take notice to any companies offering not just the coverage you need, but also any companies able to match or meet your budgeted goals. Also, remember cheap insurance may seem appealing at first, but it may not have the exact coverage you need.

Prepare Your Information

So you’ve found an insurance company you will be purchasing your premium through, what’s next? It’s time to gather all of the pertinent information that may be needed to subscribe to an insurance service. Information includes:
  • Your Previous History Of Auto Insurance (If Any)
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Current Address Of Residence Along With The Address Of Where Your Vehicle Is Kept, If Different From Place Of Residence.
  • Make, Model, And Year Of Your Vehicle
  • How You Use Your Vehicle (Business Or Pleasure)
  • Own Or Lease Your Vehicle
  • Marital Status
  • License Status
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Highest Grade Completed At School (If you’re a student and have excellent grades, you may want to inquire about any insurance discounts for being a good student).
  • Information On Additional Drivers If They Will Be Driving Your Vehicle.

Determine Your Level of Coverage

Determine what your state requires for insurance. Some states will require a liability insurance policy, or even a surety bond. Another thing you may need to take into consideration is whether you’re leasing a vehicle, if the dealership requires full coverage insurance or limited. Most of the time the dealership will require a full coverage policy to protect the value of the vehicle. Be sure to determine this in advance before shopping for insurance. After you’ve determined your state’s legal perspective on insurance, it’s time to begin the process of shopping. Some terms you may want to become familiar with are: Collision: This form of insurance will cover any damages that occur because of you. Comprehensive: This form of insurance will cover any loss and damages that occur to your vehicle outside of a traffic accident. Some possible scenarios that may be covered include theft, vandalism, weather accidents, and accidents related to natural disasters. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Protection: This type of coverage will protect you in the event that you’re involved in an accident with a person that is either uninsured or underinsured. Personal Injury Protection: This type of coverage will cover medical expenses, lost wages, and expenses related to death should the other involved party’s coverage is insufficient.

Your Driving History

Some insurance companies or states may require you to order your driving record (a record of your driving history), which will show if you’ve had any driving accidents or traffic violations; all of which could set the price for your premium. Some insurance companies don’t need a physical record, and are able to obtain the information through their own computer systems. Note: All insurance companies will determine your quote by examining your driving records.

Start Applying for Quotes

After you have your information gathered, a directory site or list of sites to apply to (a minimum of three is recommended), it’s time to start gathering quotes. Either fill out the application for the one insurance directory so the site can gather quotes and share the info with you via email, or fill out each individual application for each site. After filling out applications, various insurance companies will either contact you via phone or email you with their own custom quote. Now it’s just a matter of picking the best quote. Keep a notepad close by so you don’t become overwhelmed with the information. Once you’ve picked a quote that's affordable for you and also meets your coverage criteria, it’s time to purchase the premium. The insurance website or the site’s staff can easily walk you through this process. Quick Tip: Consider adding Towing and Road Service as well as coverage for a rental car in the event your car is in the shop due to an accident. Neither of these will add a substantial amount to your premium and they will come in mighty handy when you need them. Book An Appointment
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