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What To Do When Your Car Has Been Wrecked - Elite Collision Center Tempe AZ

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How To Protect Yourself After You Have Been Involved In An Auto Accident, No Matter Who Is At Fault

It's an unsettling feeling that most Arizona drivers will eventually encounter...SLAM!...you've just been involved in a wreck! Whether an accident is your fault or that of another driver, you need to take immediate steps after a collision to ensure your safety and protect your pocketbook. This article will provide you with some important tips that will help you come out as a winner after your car has been wrecked. The first thing you must do after a collision is keep calm and make sure that everyone involved is as safe as possible until emergency help arrives. This means moving your vehicle out of direct traffic, if it's drivable. This safety measure could save your life, since each year many people are hit by distracted drivers while standing by the road. Also, if you believe you were at fault in the accident, you should never admit this to anyone at the scene. This serves to reduce the potential for false or exaggerated claims against you or your insurance provider. Paramedic Helps At Scene of Accident Next, you need to decide if anyone who was involved in the wreck needs immediate medical attention. You'll have to make a personal decision whether or not you want to provide first aid to anyone at the accident scene, because as sad as it may be, doing so could result in a lawsuit if the injured person later claims your assistance damaged them in some way. Also, no matter how minor the injuries may seem for the people involved in your wreck, it's always a good idea to call for an ambulance to make sure that everyone gets the medical care they need and to also ensure there's an accurate record of everyone's physical condition right after the accident. Taking this measure provides you with the best protection against future fraudulent claims for physical injuries from passengers who were involved in the accident. In the event that someone who was involved in your wreck later decides to file a claim for the reimbursement of their accident related medical expenses with your auto insurance provider; or worse yet, they decide to personally sue you for their injuries; you'll be able to make reference to their medical condition immediately after the accident, if an ambulance was called. A court order may be required to get their medical records, but if you're involved in a lawsuit, an attorney or your insurance carrier may be able to get the required medical records from the appropriate authorities to provide the best outcome for your case. At the same time, law enforcement needs to be called to the scene when you're involved in a wreck so there's an official record of the accident, including the names and addresses of all drivers and passengers who were involved. It's also important to track down any witnesses to the accident who can provide testimony to whose fault the accident was. Be sure to do your best in keeping all witnesses at the accident scene until law enforcement arrives since they'll need to provide their statement to the safety officer in person. You'll also need to call your auto insurer to report your accident. If you weren't the cause of the accident and the 'at fault' driver denies responsibility for the accident, your insurance company can assist you so repairs can be started for your vehicle, if you have the appropriate coverage, while the insurance companies and attorneys battle out the case to determine who must pay who, in terms of repair costs for your vehicle. If you were the one who caused the accident, you might be tempted to avoid contacting your insurance provider. They may find out about the accident anyway from the party you hit and they may also assist you in this complicated matter. Your insurer needs your side of the story so they can substantiate the amount paid to the other party, which keeps your insurance rates as low as possible. So don't hesitate in reporting your accident to your insurance carrier, even if you were the one at fault. Elite Collison Center Auto Body Reapair Estimate Once you've decided on the repairer for your vehicle you should be sure to have the work completed at a high quality collision repair center. Elite Collision Center of Tempe offers the latest auto repair and auto body technology to get your car back on the road in tip top shape. When your car has been wrecked, help is just a phone call away. Elite Collision Center 8139 S Priest Dr Ste 101 Tempe, AZ 85284 Legal Disclaimer Notice:This article was written for informational purposes only and should not replace the advice of a licensed attorney. Elite Collision Center assumes no legal liability for the advice contained in this article.Book An Appointment


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