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Auto Repair Tempe: Automotive Fuel Myths Debunked

Tempe Auto Repair Fuel Myths Debunked We've all heard some weird stories about how to get better gas mileage and other things that'll improve or damage our car's fuel economy. While some of these may have a kernel of truth to them, many are actually completely false. Here are a few of these car myths that don't really have any truth to them at all. Following them won't increase or decrease your car's fuel efficiency. Myth #1: Cranking Up The Air Conditioning Lowers Your Fuel Economy Truth: While it's true that running your air conditioner does make your engine work harder, there's a lot of debate over what exactly that does to your fuel economy. In a number of tests done by Consumer Reports, there was very little difference between driving a car with the air conditioner on full and with it turned off. Yes, it did effect fuel economy a little bit, but the decrease was so slight that it's not going to save you much money at all. Plus, having the windows down creates drag, which can also lower fuel economy. Overall, it's better to have the air conditioner on since the cold air can help keep you more alert. Myth #2: You Get More Gas If You Fill Up The Tank In The Morning Truth: While the story says that if you buy gas while it's cooler, then you get more gas because the cooler fuel is denser. However, there's no truth to this at all. The gas that comes out of the tanks is the same temperature any time of the day because it's kept in tanks underground. If the gas changes temperature at all, it's only a degree or so. There's no point in going out of your way to get gas in the early morning since you won't save any money. In fact, if the gas station is out of your way, you may spend more money driving there. Myth #3: Premium Gas Is Far Better Than Regular Truth: While all cars can make use of regular or premium fuel, there's really no major difference between the two expect for the price. Premium fuel has fewer pre-ignition problems, which is why it's recommended for use in high-compression engines that run hotter than most. However, there's no reason why you can't use regular fuel in these engines or put premium fuel in engines designed for regular. NOTE: Be certain your engine can use regular fuel--some engines require the use premium gasoline.Myth #4: Properly Inflated Tires Greatly Increase Your Fuel Efficiency Truth: While you do get better fuel efficiency with properly inflated tires, it's only about one mile per gallon. However, tires that are properly inflated give you a lot more control of your vehicle, including better handling and braking. Make sure you're inflating your tires to the suggested pressure, not the maximum pressure. These four myths are just a few of the myths surrounding cars, gas mileage, and vehicle maintenance. Fill up at any point of the day, run your air conditioner, properly inflate your tires, and buy the right type of gas for your engine. Questions? Comments? Give us a call: Book An Appointment
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