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Preventative Auto Maintenance - How to Keep Your Car Running Strong Without Going Broke

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The Positive Benefits Of Preventative Auto Maintenance

We don't know anyone who looks forward to unexpected repair bills for their cars, but it's something that you may face time and time again, without consistent attention to the maintenance of your vehicle. We feel the pain of each and every customer that walks through our doors with broken cars in desperate need of repair. Their story could be different if they had taken a little time to care for their cars on a routine basis, instead of putting things off for some future date.

If you feel like you're spending too much time and too much money on repairs, the answer to your woes is having preventative auto maintenance performed on your vehicle at the right intervals, or when you first get a warning that one of the systems in your car is in need of repair. These warnings may come from an odd sound that you notice coming from your vehicle or may come from a light on the dash that stays on longer than it used to. Paying attention to these details can save you literally hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on repair bills each year. Let's face it – your car is one of your largest investments and anyone can do without the stress of unexpected breakdowns and repair bills for their vehicle. It's well worth putting something aside from each paycheck to keep your car well maintained, so you can avoid large unexpected repair bills, that may sink you further into debt. Keeping your vehicle maintenance costs in line starts with driving your vehicle with care. Likewise, gunning your engine or acting like a drag racer are definite no-no's, if you want to protect the life of your engine. A blown engine or some other mechanical problem is a serious threat that you can avoid by driving your car in a reasonable manner. You should also make an effort in maintaining the engine and transmission in you car. Even if they seem to be running smoothly, you need to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for these critical systems in your vehicle, to make sure there are no unexpected surprises. Your owner's manual is the only guide you need to consult, to determine the correct service intervals for all of the systems in your vehicle. The following exterior and interior components of your vehicle should also be checked out on a monthly basis, to keep your car in top notch running condition: * Tires – Inspect these for uneven wear. Keep your tires rotated on a regular basis. It is time to replace your tires when they have less than a quarter of an inch of tread left. If your tires are wearing unevenly, you should take your vehicle to a trusted maintenance and repair shop to have the alignment checked. * Body – If your car has started to rust, you need to take action to stop the damage that is being done. If left untreated, the rust will continue to grow, doing further damage to your car, inside and out,including your car's electrical systems. Consult a trusted auto repair and maintenance shop for information on the best treatment options. * Radiator Fluid – Keeping you car's engine cool is a top priority, so you need to check the fluid in the radiator on a regular basis. Make sure that there is enough fluid in the radiator and also check for signs of rust. To avoid injury, wait several hours after running your engine, to examine the fluid. If you notice any signs of rust, a system flush may solve the problem. If not, your radiator may need replacing. * Other Fluid Levels – You car has several different fluids that need to be maintained to keep you safe and keep your car running strong. Brake fluid, engine oil, and other fluids need to be checked and adjusted as needed, according to the recommended schedule. Following the checklist above can go a long way in avoiding unexpected repair bills. Caring for your car is as simple as taking the time to schedule routine maintenance for your vehicle, which can save you thousands of dollars down the road. At Elite Auto Repair, we don't subscribe to gimmicky maintenance programs or recommend unneeded repairs for your vehicle just to make a few extra bucks. Extending the life of your vehicle and keeping your car in safe running condition are our top concerns. When you keep your car in tip top shape, you avoid the frustration of getting stranded and can keep your preventive auto maintenance budget in check. Call us at or stop by our conveniently located auto repair shop in Tempe for budget friendly service to keep your car running strong. Book An Appointment


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