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Top 5 Things Your Teen's Car Should Have

Tempe Auto Repair Remember how awesome getting your first car as a teenager was and how it was a total stress out for your parents? Now it's decades later and your turn to stress with your teen's driving. I'm sure you'd agree that the safety of your family on the road is a priority for you. In no case could that be more true than if you have a teen driver in the family. Among many other factors, they are simply inexperienced. The one thing you can do is to make sure they're driving the safest vehicle possible. To help keep him or her safe, here are five things your teen's car should have. Number Five: Where the Rubber Meets the Road Start from the ground up and think about the tires on your teen's car. All-weather tires help give young, inexperienced drivers like your teen the best chance for maintaining control, especially in poor weather. Teach your teen the benefits of proper inflation and the penny test for checking tread. Number Four: Bigger Cars May Be Safer At least that's what the experts say when it comes to cars for your teen. You want a car that won't lose in an accident and bigger cars tend to be best. Mid-size sedans are a popular choice, offering superior crash protection and great designs that even your teen will appreciate. Number Three: Keep it Realistic Hey, we all dreamed as teenagers of having that sports car or sexy convertible for our first car. As parents, we know better. Today's four-cylinder engine cars provide more than enough power when needed without fueling the temptation to break any land-speed records. Number Two: Safe and Sound Safety should be the first thing on your mind, even if it's the last thing on your teen’s. Late-model cars have the most advanced safety features, some of which are required by law. You'll also want to look closely at the crash test ratings of each car you consider buying. Find them online at iihs.org and safercar.gov. Number One: Clear Car Rules The best thing for your teen's car to come with is concerned parents. A clear set of rules like limiting passengers, driving time and forbidding texting can help keep your teen safe. You might also find helpful mobile apps to keep track of their location and help them handle emergencies. Fina Thought The car itself can only do so much to protect its driver. However, parents who follow these tips, as well as practice and preach good driving habits, will help keep their teens and our roads safe. Book An Appointment
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