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What's That Part Of The Engine Called, And How Does It Work?

That mechanical marvel under the hood of your car called a "motor" or "engine" is a large machine made up of hundreds of smaller parts, systems and subsystems. They all work together turning air and fuel into thousands of small explosions, which move your car down the road, getting you from point A to point B. If it seems complex, you're right, it is. That's why all of our ASE Certified Auto Technicians spend so much time studying and learning all of the past auto technology as well as future technology about to be released into the driving public. However, this doesn't mean you can never understand it or become familiar with how your engine works. You can also quickly learn what some of the more esoteric parts look like. You've heard of pistons and valves. Do you know what they look like? Do you know how they work? How about your timing chain/belt, or water pump? Prepare yourself for what may be the only video resource you'll ever need to learn what the parts of an engine look like and how they work. This may not be something you want to view in one sitting, but it's a great resource you can shuttle thorough to find something you're curious about, or perhaps something you need to repair on your car, and you'd like more information about it. Prepare yourself for Eric The Car Guy as he takes you on a detailed tour of the modern car engine! Book An Appointment


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