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How To Find New Car Invoice Prices | Car Buying Tips

How To Find New Car Invoice Prices | Car Buying Tips

Do you understand the difference between the MSRP (sticker price) and the New Car invoice price? Not knowing can end up costing your thousands of dollars when you go to buy a new car at the dealership. To successfully negotiate a good deal on a new car, you must first know what to pay. That is why in the video above we show you how to find new car invoice prices and use them in the negotiating process at the car dealer. Do not negotiate from the MSRP down or you may end up in a long tiring negotiation. Create a folder and print out all of the new car invoice prices you have researched. Make sure you include every possible option associated with the cars you are interested in. Although knowing how to find invoice prices on new cars is very important, it's only a small piece of the new car buying process. Go to http://www.BuyCarsRight.com and go to our Car Buying Blueprint and go through all the stages so that you can put yourself in the position to not overpay on your next new car ... read more


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13 Car Buying Mistakes - How Auto Dealerships Can Take Advantage Of You

Are you a savvy car shopper who needs a little car buying advice? In this week's video Kevin Hunter, host of "The Business Forum Show" outlines the 13 car mistakes to avoid making at the dealership. Kevin spent countless hours researching and compiling the information and data shared on this video. We hope you enjoy it! People in the car business who profit from your mistakes by taking advantage of you may rant about things shared here and disagree with the content, but don't be fooled by their rhetoric. A dishonest car salesperson absolutely loves an ignorant car shopper. We'll try to help you avoid the common mistakes, and assist you in sorting the facts from the baloney in this business. How do Car Dealers rip you off? If you're going to car shop and don't want to be taken advantage of, it's up to you to learn about car salesmen and auto dealerships, and the dirty tricks they play to rip people off. You also need to learn about the scams and ina ... read more

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