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Power Window Regulator stuck

Power Window Repair – What to Consider

Power windows are taken for granted until they don’t work, am I correct? When they fail it turns a fast-food drive through or a simple coffee run into an ordeal (I was going to use more colorful language here but decided not to).

What do I do if a power window has failed?

Your two basic options are to have a qualified auto repair shop perform a repair or do it yourself. The goal of this article is to give you some general information as to what components are involved and what could be wrong. Armed with this information, you will know what to expect with whatever decision you choose.

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Tempe Auto Repair Car AC Not Blowing Cold

My Car’s A/C Is Not Cold. What Could be Wrong?

Updated Aug 13, 2021

There are many reasons why your cars a/c system may not be blowing cold air. This is a short list of some possible reasons. You will find out what you may be able to do below and also learn the basics of an auto ac system in the video below.

  • Vehicle needs to be recharged
  • There’s a Freon leak
  • The AC compressor may not be engaging
  • The blend doors inside the vehicle may be stuck
  • Blower motor or wiring issue
  • Debris within the sealed system (lines, compressor, condenser, evaporator, dryer, orifice tube)
  • Air inlet blockage to the cooling condenser
  • Evaporator blockage within the dash assembly of the vehicle

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Old and dirty Evaporator Core- car repair shop

My car’s air conditioning isn’t working..?? This could be the problem…

The air conditioning system in your car works by passing air through this part, an Evaporator Core. It is located deep in the inside the dash of your vehicle. This one is plugged up severely with debris and will not allow air to flow smoothly through it any longer. This causes extremely low air flow out of the vents and poor air-cooling capability.

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Mechanic Check Engine Light Chandler AZ

Check Engine Light On in Tempe Arizona?

Every year our cars are getting more powerful, more miles per gallon, and more technology. Under the hood your car is also getting more complicated. Where old electrical and mechanical systems used to move you, new computer systems are faster and more accurate than ever before.

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Car Overheating

My Car Is Overheating! What Could Be Wrong? What Do I Do?

updated May 10, 2021

Why is my Car Overheating? These are some possible causes.

  • Improperly Circulating Coolant
  • There’s a Leak
  • A Hose Needs Replacing
  • Internal Debris in Cooling System
  • Malfunctioning Thermos Stat
  • Malfunctioning Cooling Fan
  • Blocked Air Inlet to Radiator
  • Damaged Radiator


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brake job tempe arizona

Everything You Need to Know About Brake Jobs

Brakes are essential to the proper function of your vehicle. They’re responsible for bringing your thousand(s)-pound vehicle to a halt, making safe turns and slowing down. If your brakes are not maintained properly, you run the risk of damaging the vehicle or getting involved in an accident, which can cause serious injury to yourself and others on the road. For this reason, brake inspections and repairs are essential to the proper functioning of your vehicle and shouldn’t be neglected.

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Catalytic Converter Replacement

Catalytic Converter Stolen, What Should I Do?


Have you noticed more noisy cars than usual when out driving lately? It may not be due to drivers opting for a loud, racy exhaust system. It could be that they just had their catalytic converter stolen.

Catalytic Converters are devices in the exhaust system of every gas vehicle. They have a material inside that heats up to an extremely high temperature which burns unburnt fuel exiting your engine. This aids in emissions reduction (the bad stuff).

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Charging System Light

What’s Wrong If My Battery Or Charging System Light Comes On?

updated May 08, 2020

Here are some possible causes for when the Charging system light comes on.

  • Bad Battery
  • Bad Alternator
  • Bad Voltage Regulator
  • Wiring Problem
  • Bad Belt Driving the Alternator
  • Something Placing a Drain on the Electrical System (large or small)


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Brake Pad Replacement General Brake Pad Worn Out

How to do a Disc Brake Job the Right Way

updated may 08, 2020

Why do we need another article on how to do a disk brake job? This article will give you the know-how and numerous tips to help you solve common braking issues on today’s vehicles. In this article, I will give you professional advice and technician-accredited tips that we’ve been using at our shop for years.

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David Schultz, owner Elite Auto Repair Tempe

Is My Mechanic Honest?

Considering there are some 800,000 auto mechanics in the US, about one for every 316 cars, it makes sense that most drivers don’t know much about cars. Unfortunately, dishonest mechanics might exploit that inexperience, overcharging for auto repairs or suggesting unnecessary and expensive services, to name a few. How do you know if your mechanic is being honest?

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